• March 21, 2018
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Expose of Czaputowicz: We note progress in matters of the rights of the Polish minority in Lithuania

The head of Polish diplomacy Jacek Czaputowicz gave an expose in the Polish Sejm on the priorities of Polish diplomacy in 2018. In his expose, the minister mentioned relations with Lithuania and the rights of the Polish minority in Lithuania.

“The obvious reason of state of Poland is to guarantee national independence and sovereign statehood. It is also ensuring the civilizational development of Poland in the subject relations within the international community “- said Jacek Czaputowicz at the beginning.

Retransmission of five Polish channels in the Vilnius region

“The issues of the rights of the Polish minority in Lithuania are a constant concern of the government. We are making significant progress; in May this year the retransmission of five Polish TV channels in the Vilnius region will start. This will help maintain the relationships of our compatriots with the living Polish culture. Other issues will be the subject of joint work of both our governments “- said Czaputowicz.

The Minister also underlined that Polonia and Poles living abroad are an important element of Polish foreign policy. “We remember it especially in the year in which the 100th anniversary of regaining independence falls. Outside Poland borders live approx. 20 million of our countrymen or people with Polish roots. Some of them are Poles who remained in the east after moving the borders of the state. Some are emigrants who create contemporary Polonia in Western countries, “explained the head of diplomacy.

Common energy and infrastructure interests

Czaputowicz mentioned the joint Polish-Lithuanian energy projects.

“With the Baltic states – Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia – we share a similar perception of the nature of threats, convergence of interests with respect to the European Union, common energy and infrastructure interests. The meeting of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki with the leaders of the Baltic states has recently confirmed the solidarity of our countries”,said the minister.

Cooperation with Lithuania and Ukraine

Delivering the expose, the head of diplomacy also mentioned security in the region and the role of Poland.

“The Polish Army participates in NATO missions in Latvia and Romania. According to the allied schedule, the contingent of Polish air force is serving in the Baltic States, guarding the sky over Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Cooperation with Germany and Denmark in the framework of the Multinational North-Eastern Corps with the headquarters in Szczecin and cooperation with Lithuania and Ukraine as part of the Polish-Lithuanian-Ukrainian brigade activated in 2016 continues “- said Czaputowicz.


Translated by Katarzyna Widlas within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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