• March 16, 2018
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Karczewski in Vilinius: This is another encounter which brings Polish and Lithuanian nationals

“I know that due to the fact that our relations are getting better, the matters of Poles in Lithuania will also be solved,” said Stanisław Karczewski, the Speaker of the Polish Senate, Viktoras Pranckietis, Marshall of the Sejm. The politicians have also discussed security issues in the region and infrastructure projects.

 “This is the fourth visit of Polish top-level politicians to Lithuania. With Marshal Karczewski, we meet for the second time this month, “Viktoras Pranckietis told Radio “Znad Wilii”.

“It’s always very promising when countries like Lithuania and Poland meet together. I think that this visit will be an another step to bring our countries closer together, “added Pranckietis. As he noted, Lithuania is working towards solving the demands of the Polish minority.

“We always say that all nationalities should feel very good in Lithuania, including Poles,” Viktoras Pranckietis assured. He expressed the assumption that in the spring session, the Parliament would adopt the law on the spelling of surnames.

“We have common interests in the European Union, common interests in Eastern Europe. We talked about our security, which is the most important and about infrastructure programs. This is another meeting that brings Poland and Lithuania, Poles and Lithuanians closer,”commented Stanisław Karczewski after the meeting.

He assured that during each meeting the problems of Poles in Lithuania are also addressed.

“We always talk about this subject and I know that due to the fact that our relations are getting better, the matters of Poles in Lithuania will also be solved. It is, among other things, a matter of teaching Polish, the matter of presenting a matura exam. I have informed the chairman about the important information that a decision was made to transfer PLN 19 million to the extension of the Białystok branch of the University here in Vilnius,” said Karczewski.


Translated by Katarzyna Widlas within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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