<span>The Polish language</span>


Dawlewicz: Polish as a second language is a huge chance in many dimensions

The registration for the state certification exams in the Polish language at the levels B1, B2, C1, C2 continues. – It is a great option, not only for Lithuanian citizens.-
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Karczewski in Vilinius: This is another encounter which brings Polish and Lithuanian nationals

“I know that due to the fact that our relations are getting better, the matters of Poles in Lithuania will also be solved,” said Stanisław Karczewski, the Speaker of the
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Sokołowska: If we care about the students to speak in polish, polonists should not be

‘If we take care of the students from polish schools to speak in polish, then we expect all teachers to be role-model, not only polonists, says Henryka Sokołowska – head
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Polish vernaculars in Lithuania online!

The Centre of Polish Studies of the Vilnius University has activated a multimedia guide to Polish vernaculars in Lithuania – inform the authorities of the university. “Polish language in Lithuania
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Filmik: There are no language barriers in hip-hop

„I’d be thinking for a long time on which girl to marry, but I’d marry music for sure” – says Filmik, a rapper from Vilnius who raps in Polish. He
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