• May 10, 2017
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School ranking: Jan Paweł II as the best polish middle school

Magazine ‘Reitingai’ introduced us to school ranking in Lithuania. Colleges and middle schools were rated according to number of criteria. Primary schools and pro-gymnasiums have also been rated.

High school in Klaipeda, Juozas Balčikonis Middle school in Panevėžys, Marijampolė Rygiškių Jonas Gymnasium, „Saulės“ Middle school in Kaunas, Janonis Middle school in Šiauliai were at the top of the ranking.

Among middle schools which conduct entrance exams in a traditional way, High school in Vilnius, University of technology Middle school in Kaunas, Jesuit Middle school in Vilnius, „Ąžuolyno” Middle school in Klaipeda and Middle school in Žirmūnai – are the best.

Results of polish schools in the ranking of Reitingai magazine are diverse – there are schools which are very high and there are ones which are at the bottom of the ranking.

21st place on the list is taken by Jan Paweł II Middle school in Vilnis (in 2016 – 33rd place). Adam Mickiewicz Middle school is on the 42nd place (in 2016 – 48th). Syrokomla Middle school in Vilnius is on the 60th place (in 2016 – 188th place). Kraszewski Middle school took 67th place in the ranking.

Places over 200 are taken, among others, by Middle school in Pogiry, Lelewel Middle school in Vilnius, Parczewski Middle school in Nemenčinė, Śniadecki Middle school in Šalčininkai, Kalinowski Middle school in Nemėžis.

355th place is taken by school in Lavoriškės and 356th place (next-to-last) by Narbutt Middle school in Kalesninkai.

Middle schools were rated according to number of people, who graduated from them and number of school-leaving examinations that have been passed, number of people who were admitted to financial studies, as well as, according to the number of students who got 100 points on their school-leaving examinations.

In the ranking of pro-gymnasiums, Jan Paweł II Middle school took 45th place.

The leaders of primary schools are the schools from Širvintos, Skuodas, Kretinga, Lazdijai and Palangos District Municipalities.

Primary school ranking has been prepared according to knowledge of math and lithuanian language from 10th grades’ students. National minority schools have been rated separately. Czesław Miłosz Primary school, Primary school in Dūkštas and Primary school in Pabarė are at the top of the ranking. Szymon Konarski school is rated as 14th.

Translated by Agnieszka Piontek within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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