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Ranking of the weekly “Veidas”: 10 Polish schools in the top 100

Junior high schools which can boast about good results are not only in Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipėda. The number of schools whose students yearly pass their exams well is gradually increasing. This was shown by the latest, already thirteenth, ranking of 346 junior high schools in Lithuania, which was conducted by the weekly “Veidas”. The educational institutions that have been known for years are leading. The first place belongs to the Vilnius High School, the second place – Junior High School of the Technological University in Kaunas, and the third – High School of Klaipėda. The best of the Polish schools in this ranking was the St Ursula Ledóchowska Junior High School of the Vilnius region – placed on the 23rd position. 17 of the junior high schools from Vilnius, 9 from Kaunas, 4 each from Klaipėda, Šiauliai and the Vilnius region(3 Polish and 1 Lithuanian) made it to the top 50 of the best junior high schools.

This year, the results of the national exams given at the end of high school had the biggest influence on the position of the school in the ranking – up to 70 points of the final assessment. The second criterion concerns the admission of the high-school leavers to universities. The school could get up to 20 points for its students who got into university in Lithuania which they chose as their number one. The influence of the high-school exams on the final assessment of the school has slightly decreased the third component, which was introduced this year, the achievements of the students of the school regarding their participation in republican olympiads and competitions. For the 1st to 3rd places won by the students of 9th to 12th classes in the school year 2015-2016, the school could get up to 10 points to the final assessment.

Within the top five junior high schools of the country were the Vilnius Jesuit High School(4th place) and the Ąžuolyno High School of Klaipėda(5th place).

As every year, the majority of the secondary schools in the ranking significantly changed their positions-some dropped by dozens of places, the others came from the end to the top half of the ranking, coming ahead of the schools which last year were placed on the better places. Every year, the top twenty represents the same schools, though they switch places on the list.

The best of the Polish schools in this year’s ranking of the weekly magazine “Veidas” was the junior high school of Saint Ursula Ledóchowska in Juodšiliai in the Vilnius region, placed on the 23rd position (average results of the final high-school exams: 62.9%. 62.5% of this year’s high school graduates got into the universities of Lithuania just after their first application). Another of the Polish schools, a high school in Rukainių in the region of Vilnius, took 26th place (average results of the final high school exams: 60.3%. 66.7% of high school graduates got into the universities after the first application). Ranked 29th was the Junior High School of John Paul II in Vilnius (average results of the final high school exams: 61.6%. 60% of the high school graduates got into the universities after the first approach). The Juliusz Słowacki Junior High School in Bezdonys in the Vilnius region was ranked 40th (average results: 58,7%, and 50% got into the universities of Lithuania).

Among the four of the best junior high schools which made it to the top 50 schools of Lithuania are 3 Polish junior high schools and 1 Lithuanian junior high school (Meilė Lukšienė Junior High School in Marijampolė in the Vilnius region).

Władysław Syrokomla High School in Vilnius was, admittedly, out of the top fifty, taking the 53rd place, yet can take pride in having the biggest amount of the winners (1st, 2nd and 3rd places) of the republican olympiads and competitions (5) during the last school year.

Józef Ignacy Kraszewski Junior High School in Vilnius was 64th, Joachim Lelewel High School in Vilnius was 77th, Adam Mickiewicz Junior High School in Vilnius was 81st, Junior High School in Eišiškės in the  Šalčininkai District was 94th, and Michał Baliński Junior High School in Jašiūnai in the Šalčininkai District was 99th.

In the second hundred were: the junior high school in Mickūnai in the Vilnius region (132nd), Henryk Sienkiewicz Junior High School in Lentvaris in Trakai region (145th), the Polish-Lithuanian-Russian Junior High School in Pagiriai (149th) in the Vilnius region, Konstantinas Parčevskis Junior High School in Nemenčinė in the Vilnius region (153rd), St. Stanisław Kostka Junior High School in Paberžės in the region of Vilnius (154th), Stanisław Moniuszko Junior High School in Kalabariškės in the Vilnius region (164th) , the Junior High School in Buivydžiai in the Vilnius region (168th), Paweł Ksawery Brzostowski Junior High School in Turgeliai in the Šalčininkai region (170th).

The third hundred consists of: Jan Śniadecki Junior High School in  Šalčininkai (214th), St. Rafał Kalinowski Junior High School in Nemėžis in the Vilnius region (225th), the Polish-Russian Junior High School in Trakai (226th), the High School of St. Casimir in Medininkai in the Vilnius region (228th), the Polish-Lithuanian Junior High School in Avižieniai in the Vilnius region (233rd), Ferdynand Ruszczyc Junior High School in Rudamino in the Vilnius region (244th), the Junior High School of the Pr. Józef Obrembski in Maišiagala in the Vilnius region (254th) Eliza Orzeszkowa Junior High School in Baltoji Vokė in the Šalčininkai region (271st), Saint John Bosco Junior High School in the Jaluvka in the Vilnius region (283rd), Ana Krepštul Junior High School in Butrimonys in the Šalčininkai region (291st).

Based on: veidas.lt

Translated by Weronika Cysdorf within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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