• July 8, 2016
  • 6

Polish Senate Wants to Establish the Polish Diaspora Consultative Council

On Thursday (7th July) Polish senators adopted a resolution put forward by members of the Presidium of the Senate, the aim of which is to establish the Polish Diaspora Consultative Council under the supervision of the Senate Marshal.

The Consultative Council’s task will be expressing opinion on issues that are essential to the Polish diaspora and Poles abroad, on drafts of normative acts concerning them, and on objectives of the Senate and its bodies as for Polish diaspora issues.

Members of the Council, in a number not greater than fifteen, will be appointed and dismissed by the Marshal of the Senate mainly out of the people who represent Polish diaspora organisations and the Polish ones abroad.

The term of office of the Council is to correspond with the one of the Senate. The Senate Marshal will convene the Council session at least once a year. He or she can consult the Council members by circulation, without convening a meeting. They will perform their duties honorarily. The expenses related to the functioning of the Council, including those connected with the members’ travel and stay in Poland, will be covered from the budget of the Chancellery of the Senate. The resolution will come into force on the day of its adoption.

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