Enrolment for the European studies at the University of Białystok has started

Phot. Ewelina Mokrzecka

On 21 August, Ministry of Education and Science together with the Centre of Studies Assessment issued a license for the Vilnius branch of the University to open European studies.

The University was applying for the license for more than 6 months. Dean of the branch, dr Jarosław Wołkonowski said in ”Znad Wilii” radio that was a really  tiresome period as it demanded numerous efforts and, most of all, an immense work to meet the demands which were posed by the Polish and Lithuanian parties. In Wołkonowski’s opinion, the branch of studies opens a wide spectrum of possibilities. ‘European Studies aims at preparing experts who can work as: clerks, administrators, consultants and reporters in regional communes and Lithuanian cities. They can also work in local self-governments, in institutions of Lithuania and the EU’ – enumerates the dean  and adds that the new branch offers the possibility of working in institutions that engage in managing EU projects.

What’s more, as Wołkonowski thinks, the goal of European Studies is to ‘strengthen pro-European values among young people’.

Enrolment for European Studies lasts till 28th September. The quota amounts to 40 persons. The studies last 3 years.

Source: http://zw.lt/wilno-wilenszczyzna/na-uwb-od-piatku-rusza-rekrutacja-na-europeistyke/

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