• August 9, 2015
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Andżelika Borys: The issues of Poles abroad will take upper position

According to Adżelika Borys, the declaration that the President, Adrzej Duda, will take care of Poles abroad is particularly crucial for the Poles beyond the eastern boarder – those, who currently live abroad not of their own accord. This is also the sign for the authorities of the counties they live in.

„If the president duns for respecting the rights of Polish minority in Lithuania or Ukraine himself, it is a clear sign for the authorities of these countries, because they will realise his involvement it such matters. Naturally, everything depends on later talks between representatives. Yet, it is a good beginning” – Borys claims.

According to the Polish activist in Belarus, the office should start with the meeting with the representatives of minorities, because it is them who know their problems the best.

“The protection of the Polish minority’s rights abroad is also really vital, especially in the ex-Eastern Bloc, especially in Lithuania, Ukraine and Belarus. These matters should be crucial for every authority.” – Adżelika Borys emphasises in the talk with the rp.pl

Translated by Paulina Lipińska within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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