Vilnius will pay €100 in compensation for 3,8 thousand kindergarteners

Fot. BFL/Tomas Lukšys

68 public kindergartens have submitted applications in Vilnius local government in order to receive a monthly compensation of €100 for every child going to their kindergartens.

3821 children are to go to kindergartens from September on. Signing agreements starts on 17 August.

According to the mode which has been approved by the local government, compensation of €100 will be paid to public kindergartens only if tuition fees decrease by €100 and they do not change during a year.

The Deputy mayor Valdas Benkunskas informed that in public kindergartens there would be 800 new places from September on. He added that next year there would be even more places.

“The expectations are higher regarding next two year because we understand that we announced compensation and long competition-making process in this area only in May. During such a period some of the public kindergartens have not been able to implement a development plan. From our discussions with them we gather that they want to develop: they buy plots of land and rent rooms. By the next September the development will have accelerated significantly”, says Benkunskas.

7,6 thousand children have been currently waiting for a place in a kindergarten in Vilnius, however The Deputy Mayor thinks that the waiting list will reduce when some children go to public kindergartens.


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