• August 6, 2015
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Cleaning the Rasos Cemetery: We have to take care of the graves

On Tuesday, due to upcoming Polish Army’s Day, the Social Committee of Care of the Old Rasos Cemetery organized the action of clearing the military headquarters at the oldest necropolis in Vilnius.

‘The Polish Army’s Day, which is on 15th August, is coming; thus, we had to clear up this military cemetery, as the young people deserve this. They sacrificed their lives for us fighting with Bolsheviks. We ought to take care of the graves and remember about them’ –as Alicja Klimaszewska, the leader of the Social Committee of Care of the Old Rasos, said  to the zw.lt. She added that this year in spring, the cemetery was cleaned twice from the initiative of the Committee.

Since many years, the Polish Embassy in Vilnius contributes to cleaning the Rasos cemetery. ‘As we live in Vilnius, we would like to feel like Vilnius inhabitants. The Rasos Cemetery and, in particular, the Mausoleum is the holy place for everyone who understands history and the reason why we as free Poles in the free country can help the city’s residents in preserving relics of the past in satisfactory condition that are worthy of presenting them to hosts, e.g. from Poland’ – as the ambassador Jarosław Czubiński said to zw.lt . Stanisław Cygnarowski who is consul general of Poland and other employees of the agency also presented the diplomatic service.

Though the thermometer showed more than 30 C degrees, about 30 people joined the cleaning action, i.e. scouts and students of Polish schools in Vilnius.

Translated by Agnieszka Galek within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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