• July 5, 2015
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Tourist Jamboree of Poles in Lithuania: the youth train not only their fingers

“It’s been going smoothly and safely”, said Zbigniew Głazko the commander of the 27th Tourist Jamboree of Poles in Lithuania (Zlot Turystyczny Polaków na Litwie) in the beginning of the festivities. The event took place in the village Abiełoragi in Švenčionys district municipality.

“This year we meet here because that is our old tradition; every year we organize the event in a different part of the Vilnius Region (Wileńszczyzna). The time has come for Švenčionys district municipality (rejon święciański). Last year we were in Trakai district municipality (rejon trocki) and next year we plan to organize the jamboree in Šalčininkai district municipality (rejon solecznicki)”, says Zbigniew Głazko, one of the organisers of the event, in the interview for zw.lt.

Apart from contenders, special guests also took part in the meeting. Among them were Anna Adamowicz, Czesław Sokołowicz and the deputy to the Sejm Zbigniew Jedziński who organised the jamborees in the beginning.

“I know that you don’t like long speeches and neither do I so I’ll be quick. Welcome to this beautiful land, Švenčionys district municipality. I hope that you’ll like it and that this is not the last jamboree in our district. I’m glad that in the Vilnius Region there are a lot young people who want to train not only their fingers on computer mice but also other muscles during direct competitions. Those young people can socialize with their friends not only before a computer screen but also outdoors”, says the deputy to the Sejm to welcome everyone.

This year there were less participants of the jamboree than usually. 6 teams have registered for a competition: KWW, Guciawka, MJB, Legion 32, L3KS and Garnizon. Last year there were two more teams.

“I think that it may partly result from the fact that the distance from Vilnius was greater this year than usually. Some of our usual participants probably went to the seaside with a million of other holidaymakers”, points out the commander of the jamboree Zbigniew Głazko said that each year participants came better prepared for the competition than they had been in a previous year.

The event started on Saturday and ends on Sunday. The winner of the jamboree will be announced today. Last year’s first place won the team MJB from Mickuny.

Translated by Barbara Żur within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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