• May 7, 2015
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PKD appeals for resuming broadcasting of Polish Television programmes in Lithuania

‘We urge further consideration to the possibility of resuming broadcasting of TVP programmes in Lithuania’ – wrote in an open letter to the National Broadcasting Council and the Polish Television, chairman of the Polish Discussion Club (PKD), Artur Zapolski.

In April this year, in Lithuania, a ban came into power, forbidding transmitting of Russian television channel RTR-Planeta, as according to Lithuanian Radio and Television Commission, RTR-Planeta incited hostility and called to war. Earlier, similar decisions were made concerning other Russian channels – NTV-Mir Lithuania, Ren-TV Baltic. Polish Discussion Club believes that their place should be taken by channels providing objective information, and not propaganda. Including Polish televisions.

‘Merely banning retransmission of Russian propaganda TV channels is not enough. The antidote for Russian propaganda can only be objective, independent information. Delivered in Lithuanian language, as well as languages of national minorities’ – believes PKD. According to the members of the Club, abandonment in mid 90’s of the last century, of transmitting in Lithuania programmes if TVP 1, was a ‘grave mistake with catastrophic results’ as ‘their place on TV, therefore also in the hearts and minds of Lithuanian Poles was, most often, taken by Russian television’.

‘Keeping all of this in mind and aiming to successfully counteract Russian propaganda, its influence among Polish minority in Lithuania, we urge further consideration to the possibility of resuming broadcasting of TVP programmes in Lithuania, which in the years of Lithuania’s break to freedom were instrumental in Polish national revival in Lithuania, promoting Polish culture and language in Lithuania’ – we can read in the appeal of PKD. Similar appeal will be send to Lithuanian Radio and Television Commission.

Translated by Antonina Górka within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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