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Test your knowledge about Polish sport in Lithuania

In 2015 Sport Club ‘Polonia’ Vilnius, as an heir and successor to the activities of its predecessor – Sport Club of the Polish in Lithuania ‘Polonia’, is organizing its 25th anniversary celebration.

On this occasion, a contest has been launched to test the compatriots knowledge about the Polish sport in Lithuania, and in particular – the history of the celebrated Club.

It is made up of the following 25 questions:

1. Since Poland regained Independence in 1918 till the outbreak of the Second World War, Vilnius was not a blank space on its sport map, which can be attested by the sport clubs operating here. Please name some of them.

2. After the outbreak of the Second World War, many Lithuanian born Polish sportsmen and sport activists stood up to the fascist invader in defense of the Homeland, and some of them it cost their lives. Name two or three of the fallen, by name and surname.

3. When after the Yalta agreement there was no Poland, the so-called repatriation to the Motherland was taken up by those who later on, with eagles on their shirts, stepped onto the highest step of the Olympic podium. Who, out of our countrymen, was so honored?

4. Our countrymen remaining in Soviet Lithuania were not giving up either in the sport competition, claiming the championships of the Soviet Union, Europe, the world and even Olympic Games. Recall at least five of them by name and surname.

5. Before the creation of the Sport Club of the Polish in Lithuania ‘Polonia’, as a result of our national rebuilding in the late 80’s, a group of enthusiasts organized the First Winter Games of the Polish in Lithuania. When and where did they take place?

6. Who was the honorary guest of these ice and snow games?

7. The winners of the Games were honored to represent us on the Second Winter Games of the Polonia in Zakopane. That they were not merely there as extras, is proved by the medals they won. How many of them, and of what color, did they win together?

8. In the days of June 23-25 1989, the first tourist convention of the Polish in Lithuania took place. Where was it?

9. The late Aleksander Żyndul. is the author of the convention’s crest. What was on it?

10. Which of the convention teams was the winner?

11. When and where did the founding meeting of the Sport Club of the Polish in Lithuania ‘Polonia’ take place?

12. Its honorary guest, and at the same time godmother, was a legendary Polish athlete. Who is it?

13. Who was the first president of the newly founded club?

14. Whose image could be seen in the crest of the SCPL ‘Polonia’, and now in the crest of SC ‘Polonia’ Vilnius?

15. In the summer of 1990 in Stalowa Wola, there were the First Football World Cup of the Polonia, in which the SCPL ‘Polonia’ did great, winning the gold. Who was its rival in the final and what was the final score?

16. Who was the captain and who was the coach of the winning team?

17. In the summer of 1991, Cracow hosted the Seventh World Summer Games of the Polonia. Our 30-men crew won 1 gold, 6 silver and 2 bronze medals. Who and in what discipline won the gold?

18. In the days of January 17-19 1992 in Surdew, through the initiative of SCPL ‘Polonia’, the Second Winter Games of the Polish in Lithuania took place. They were graced with the presence of a Vilnius born silver medalist of the Squaw City Olympic Games in speed skating. Who was it?

19. When and under what circumstances was the Sport Club of the Polish in Lithuania ‘Polonia’ forced to limit its work to within the bounds of the capital of Lithuania.

20. Who from that time to this day holds the title of the president of the SC ‘polonia’ Vilnius?

21. The greatest achievements of our club were earned by footballers. It was no small feat: to win World Summer Games of the Polonia four times in a row. Please give the dates of these triumphs.

22. The team led by Wiktor Filipowicz and Romuald Kuncewicz did really well in Lithuanian competitions. In what year did it win its historical promotion to the first league?

23. When was the junior section of SC ‘Polonia’ Vilnius at the Saint John Paul II middle school established?

24. SC ‘Polonia’ Vilnius organizes yearly competition (this year it was its second edition), that for the last 10 years takes place at the House of Polish Culture. What sport is it?

25. Paying special care to the health and physical fitness of the youth, SC ‘Polonia’ Vilnius organizes, with great success, the competition of the girls volleyball school league. Where does the team who will be defending the championship this year, comes from?

Realizing the difficulty of the contest, its organizers hint to the potential participants that more than one question can be answered with the help of the book published for the 15th anniversary of the club ‘To the finish line marked by the Neris. Polish sport in Lithuania: history and the Present.’, which may be acquired in the bookshop at the House of Polish Culture. Some information may be found at the clubs website: www.kspolonia.lt

The victors will be those that answer the most questions correctly (in case of equal numbers, the victor will be chosen based on the submission date of the answers). They will be rewarded with 20 valuable gifts, funded by the Polish Olympic Committee. Good guess is that some of them will be presented by one of the great stars of Polish sport.

The official conclusion of the contest will take place on June 6 this year, as a part of a gala dedicated to the quarter century anniversary of the formation of SCPL ‘Polonia’.

Answers should be submitted before May 15 2015, at the club address: 03202 Wilno, ul. Naugarduko 76, Dom Kultury Polskiej, in an envelope labeled ‘Konkurs sportowy’ or by email: kspolonia@gmail.com. To ensure better contact, organizers ask for phone number information.

Translated by Antonina Górka within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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