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What kind of investments made Šalčininkai District Municipality?

Investments are the basis for the development of each city and region. The government is active in the field of European funds absorption show 131 million 579 thousand LTL – the value realized in 2007-2013 investment projects, which increases the area of the leading regions in the field of European projects, the local government said Šalčininkai district.

This is the second in terms of attracting investment rate in the district of Vilnius, in turn, as the city Šalčininkai just take second place in the country among cities (not including the largest) in terms of total investment per capita. The basic part of the projects is aimed at improving the living environment of residents of the area, focusing primarily on areas such as improving infrastructure, education and recreation, infrastructure, roads, public spaces to adapt to the needs of the residents, the development of engineering networks, renovation and adaptation to the needs of cultural heritage tourism .

Investments in infrastructure are identified primarily with the construction of roads and related technical devices with communication. Were shot primarily those investments that have a chance of getting significant funding. Thereby, the maximum to obtain the effect of developed technical and social infrastructure.

“The development and renovation of wastewater infrastructure in the area Salcininkai, the second stage.” The value of the project – 6 million 471 thousand 553 liters. The project initiated by himself Šalčininkai district council acted as a partner. Organization to implement the project was UAB “Vilnius vandenys”. This is one of the largest investment projects carried out in the region in terms of the plan Salcininkai ordering wastewater management. The principal goal of the Šalčininkai and Ejszyszki project is to provide effective and efficient system to provide water, wastewater collection and treatment of waste, improving water quality. The project was built 3.9 kilometers of new water supply networks, and 5.1 km of the sludge. System to the newly constructed 370 users are connected. The result kept by the government Šalčininkai district wastewater infrastructure development program is also in December 2010 opened a modern sewage treatment plant in Šalčininkai and Ejszyszki.

“Organizing the territory hospital infrastructure and the creation of a residential area for the hospital in Šalčininkai”. The value of the project – 4 million 207 thousand 099 liters. In this framework, has been ordered into the hospital in Šalčininkai, built infrastructure, streets Independence (episode), Melioratorów (episode), New (episode), Dzuków (episode), Ejszyskiej, Construction, Merkinė, Future, Spring and a playground for children. In December of 2014. Investment has been recognized as the best project carried out in 2007-2013 in South Lithuania.

“Renovation and adapt to the needs of an object of cultural heritage tourism Šalčininkai district – the palace in Jaszuny”. The value of the project – 5 million 374 thousand 248 liters. Efforts for funding for the renovation of an ancient palace of Balińscu in Jaszuny of Šalčininkai district local government took 18 years. Survived during the Second World War the palace, the former residence of great families of Balińscy and Śniadeccy began to deteriorate in Soviet times, when it took over the administration of the property of the local state farm. In 1996. Palatial buildings became the property of self-government. Since that time, the local authorities were looking for opportunities to acquire funds to restore the palace to its former glory. The project will be the renovation of the facade of the palace and the main façade renovation work inside the palace. Even today, despite the unfinished project, the palace looks nothing like two years ago – a building with leaky roofs and falling plaster. After the completion of the work will be created in the palace museum, conference room, hotel rooms, coffee shop.

At the same time the restaurant is performed palace park surrounding the revitalization of the former seat of Balińskich in Jaszuny.

“Cleaning up urban infrastructure and the formation of the landscape Šalčininkai”. The value of the project – 6 million 254 thousand 955 liters. The project was divided into three basic operations: ordering of the city square, the creation of infrastructure Street School (Mokyklos) and the renewal and development of the infrastructure of the stadium in the name of Jan Śniadecki Gymnasium.

In the first action on the square in front of the local government administration was laid new paving and sidewalks, lighting system replaced, cleaned up the green area, renovated facade of the building administration office, built a fountain, set new benches and trash cans.

Continuation of works at the town square was infrastructure equipment School street where the pavement was laid with paving, sidewalks, new and two parking (at the park and cultural center), furnished new lighting.

Excellent conditions for sport after the implementation of the project will have fans of the sport. The project at the High School stadium name Jan Śniadecki completely changed its face -became built a soccer field, volleyball, basketball, children with special surface for athletics, children’s playground. At the same time high school was fenced territory, feature lighting and built the toilet, cleaned up the area of green.

Local authorities pursue policies of sustainable development, taking into account the needs of both Šalčininkai as the administrative center as well as other towns of the region.

In each village, tasks were aimed at improving the living conditions of the inhabitants. Was expanded water supply and sewerage network. Through the modernization of roads and construction of sidewalks improved pedestrian safety and automotive. Also carried out projects in the field of sport, culture, tourism and recreation. Here are the most important investments:



In 2012, the government Šalčininkai district from the Leader Programme and budget refurbishment has made the county in Kamionka. In the course of the project were carried out works related to reconstruction and thermal modernization of the building. The task consisted of wall insulation, replacement windows and entrance doors, insulation and replacement of roof water drainage system device, the device toilets. From the budget also renovated the room and hallway. Refurbishment that has changed beyond recognition building, cost 504,000 LTL.

Stoneware residents also enjoy a beautifully restored building Event Hall. Šalčininkai district local government investment involving the renovated old building was transformed into a cozy building sowchozowy resort with room for 50 people and a library, thereby realizing faced by the local government area of the objective of the creation of the residents of the municipality spacious meeting and events. It was the first major restoration since the construction of the building. In the course of the renovation are new windows and doors, decorated boiler and heating system, electrical system are listed, to be renovated rooms.



In December 2011 the long-awaited opening of the newly renowowanego Cultural Centre. Modernisation of cultural institutions was the result of the project “Building Renovation Cultural Centre in White Wace and organize territory for the establishment”, financed by the European Union under the Cohesion Fund. The whole project cost 1 million 516 thousand LTL. After several years of renewed cultural institutions can confidently say that the repair has proved a huge impact on our business – during each event hall is bursting at the seams, people are much more willing to participate in projects, and the activity of the inhabitants will also work greater involvement of staff of the institution.

An important project for the community was to rebuild local bath – investment, which was trying to community of Biała Waka for several years. The project was implemented with the Leader. The ceremonial opening of the facility took place on 19 December 2014.

Thanks in by the local government administration in the White Wace project created a universal field, which is actively used by sports fans. The value of investments – 210,000 liters, of which 90,000 are measures Programme Leader, the remaining funds – Department of Sport RL. Citizens of Biała Waka youngest generation and their parents enjoy a newly renovated building of the local kindergarten. Investment of 690,000 LTL consisted of the renovation of the facade of the building, replacement of windows and doors.


Butrymańce (Butrimonys)

Beautifully renovated within the project “Building Adaptation Nursery – Nursery Janczuny to the needs of the multi-purpose center” Universal Multifunction Center in Janczuny for several months vibrant. It is the only such facility in the region Salcininkai, where under one roof services are provided in the field of education, culture, self-improvement both small and adult residents of the village and the surrounding area.

The center was established on the basis of many years of the existing kindergarten here.

In the course of the project was from scratch renovated in 1978 built house: built a new roof, insulated walls, replaced windows and doors, decorated new sewage and water systems, built a new boiler, amended site plan of the building. The center was also equipped with new furniture, audio-video equipment, computer equipment and sports. Currently, all of it is used for educational purposes, and education, as well as the organization of leisure visitors center. The total value of the investment is 2 million 059 thousand LTL, including 309,000 LTL – means Šalčininkai district government budget.

In the summer of 2013. In Janczuny put to use the system to provide cold water. Implemented by the local government administration Šalčininkai district project was financed by the Leader and local government budget. The total investments amounted to 1 million 008 thousand LTL. Within the project “Reconstruction and development of a system to provide cold water in the village Janczuny” were decorated and expanded to provide water network, which is connected to several grounds.

In the autumn of 2012. In Rakliszki zone was put into operation on the local pond area. In the summer the pond is besieged by both residents Rakliszki, as well as visiting tourists. Project Šalčininkai district local government administration called “Device and adapt to the needs of recreational resort area in the village New Rakliszki” was implemented under the measure “Village renewal and development” under the Rural Development Programme 2007-2013 on the basis of the Leader. In the course of the project have been decorated paths, built a gazebo, a bridge, a toilet, a zone area is equipped with a small architectural elements – benches, litter bins.



“Cleaning up contaminated territories in the village of New Mansion” – a project worth 490 thousand LTL. After the collapse of the Soviet legacy become warehouses for the storage of hazardous chemicals used in contemporary agriculture. They lay a heavy burden on the shoulders of local governments. In the area of such a facility was Salcininkai store pesticides in New Manor. Under the project, the magazine has been removed, the ground was also exported.


A few years ago, local government efforts Šalčininkai district was renovated building Dajnowski Event Hall, which became a meeting place for the local community and various cultural events. Implementation of children and youth passion for the sport is renovated school gym. Use it not only to students of a local school – play basketball, volleyball and adults have come here to the villagers.





In 2011, within the framework of the project “Renovation of educational institutions Šalčininkai district (Dieveniškės High School name A. Mickiewicz and” Ryto ‘and Nursery-Kindergarten Solecznickiego “Fairy Tale”) “made Dieveniškės High School renovation name A. Mickiewicz and” Ryto “.  Dieveniškės facility renovation costs amounted to 1 million 109 thousand LTL. In the course of the project the school building was insulated, replaced the entire facade and a roof over one of the buildings, windows and doors.


Dieveniškės serious investment in the renovation of the building was also the county. The work cost 502,000 LTL. External wall insulation made with elevation, replaced windows and doors, made the repair of boiler and heating system, furnished toilets. To externally altered the building was as cozy and tidy inside the area council decided to wyasygnowaniu additional funds for the renovation of corridors and some rooms. Work outside the project is estimated at 38 000 748 LTL.


The historic square in Dieveniškės assumed new colors including through building renovated house of culture. Old, dilapidated tenement image changed due to the project-funded Leader program and budget of the local government. Repair and modernization of the house of culture of Dieveniškės cost 645,000 LTL, of which 64,000 are measures of local Šalčininkai district. As part of the renovation work was rebuilt from the front of the building and auditorium, furnished room for instructors. As part of the renovation work has been warming the building, built a new roof and a modern boiler, replaced the wiring, windows and doors. Moreover, the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development renovated facility base material – purchase of furniture, computer equipment, sound and lighting. Cozy public cultural institutions immediately filled with people who are willing to participate in events organized here. A cultural calendar of Dieveniškės really many may envy.





The last years were filled with a number of costly infrastructure investments of Ejszyszki. Investment activities were directed mainly to the development of municipal infrastructure and construction sectors.


More than 6 million LTL from European funds went to Ejszyszki for investments in the field of wastewater, which took place there in three stages from 2009. During this period, has been decorated combi system – water supply non-urban street (approx. 1 million LTL), and also built a sewage treatment plant (5 million 100 thousand LTL), which is one of the most modern plants in the country. The final stage of the project was a complex unit of water supply and sewerage at five central streets of the city. For this purpose has been allocated 700,000 LTL yet. The total amount of investment is 7 million 074 thousand LTL.


Investment realized in recent years is the renewal of a multi block No. 35 on the street Jan Paweł II. The project has been insulated walls and roof of the building, new windows in the stairwells, glazed balconies. The costs of the project are 1 million 89 thousand LTL. In another project, the EU has also been organized territory with a refurbished unit. For this purpose has been budgeted for 672 000 996 LTL. The value of investments other renovated block of Highway of Orange is 122 000 290 LTL.


The implementation of a multi-stage investment project for the renovation of educational institutions has changed beyond recognition decades-building Nursery – Nursery “Flame”. Ongoing since 2008 and last year completed the investment took place in the framework of two projects: “Renovation of the building Nursery – Nursery” Flame “in Ejszyszki” and “Modernization of internal Nursery – Nursery” Flame “in Ejszyszki”. The value of the first project was 257 000 314 LTL, second – 668 000 836 LTL.


From Leader and local government building was renovated Sports School named Anthony Ratkiewicz. Project costs amounted to 480,000 liters.


At the cost of 1 million 214 thousand LTL was reconstructed street of Jan Paweł II. In terms of road in Ejszyszki made a number of other investments.


An example of the changing image of the city is a reconstruction of the square at The May Square and construction of the monument in memory of 1863 – 1864. The pedestal consists of four bases, symbolizing the 400 years of common history of the Polish Kingdom and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania – each base as a century of history combined.


Rising above the pedestal obelisks – that the two types of present states – Lithuania and Polish crowned national emblems – Eagle and Pursuit. Obelisks are connected to the bell, which is to remind the beating of present and future generations of heroes of the January Uprising, glorious past and a common history, while recall to work for the future.





In the autumn of 2012, opened its doors in Czużekampie Provisional House Residence. The construction was financed by the European Cohesion Fund. The investment amounted to 1 million 566 thousand LTL. Currently, the facility is operating as a sub-unit Czużekamps Care Home for the Elderly. The area of the building consists of 562.15 square meters, can live here for 20 people. Temporary accommodation House Residence – is to create a home environment, as well as the provision of necessary social services for people (families), which do not require constant care with partial support of a social worker. Individuals independently prepare their own meals, shopping, pay for municipal services.


In the near future next House Temporary Residence construction work will be completed within the project “Transfer of Czużekampie Care Home for the Elderly to a newly constructed building.”


The aim of the project was the construction of a new care facility for the elderly, lonely people who found themselves in a difficult housing situation. The facility is accounted for up to 30 people. The rise block of 15 rooms which are located on two floors. Sale will be 1-3-bed rooms with private bathroom and kitchenette.


The building will be equipped with a lift to help older people to get to the second floor. Will lead to the building of a ramp for wheelchairs.


Two years ago from the Leader in Trybańce square was built sports. The value of the project amounted to 85,000 liters. Today the site is actively used sports and children, and the elderly, competing under the basket or neighbors looking on.





Residents of the municipality huge commitment in social life and development of the municipality also turned its impact on attracting investment and use of EU funds. In the past few years on the territory of the municipality was completed several projects in the field of Leader. For this type of initiative should project of the system against lightning in Rudniki (154,000 liters) and a multi sports square in Jaszuny (112,000 liters). With that program funds benefited parish communities, thereby obtaining money for the renovation of the rectory in Jaszuny (112 000 500 LTL), and the church in the Grove (109 000 708 LTL) and Šalčininkai Cultural Centre to overhaul the cultural center in Rudnik (136,000 LTL). The implementation of each of the projects would not be possible without the financial support of local Šalčininkai district, which have been committed by the money from its own budget. Admistration of Šalčininkai district local government from the program and its benefits renovated system of Kiejdziaki cold water, which has been allocated 928,000 LTL.


Reconstruction of the premises Secondary School No. 1 in Jaszuny – it’s a huge investment in the field of restoration of educational institutions.


Refurbishment of public schools with Russian language of instruction increased the standard of facilities in terms of aesthetics, as well as completed the refurbishment investment earlier name Michael Baliński Middle School, which houses the School No. 1.


Undoubtedly, the largest investment in the project is Jaszuny “Renovation and adapt to the needs of an object of cultural heritage tourism Šalčininkai district – the palace in Jaszuny” and “Organizing the park at the court in Jaszuny”, which were mentioned above.



Koleśniki, Voivodeship Podlaskie


Important investment in the renovation of the village was School in Koleśniki – Multi-Purpose Center in Wersoce that changed object recognition. Renovation of school was funded program “Lithuanian Rural Development 2007-2013”. The project has been completely renovated historic facades of the building, renovated pedestal and exterior walls, roofs replaced, windows and doors, made reconstruction of the heating system, water supply, sewage and lighting of the building. The renovated building of the school was changed as layout of the rooms, which was also adapted to the needs of people with disabilities. The investment cost almost 969,000 LTL. The contribution of local government in the implementation of the project represented almost 166,000 LTL. Repair of this school, it is primarily the perpetuation of the memory of people who made history of Wersoce Earth. Witold Cezary Staniewicz, the owner of the property in Wersoce, in the years 1926-1930 he was minister of agricultural reform, and later the professor and rector of the Stefan Batory University in Vilnius.


In November 2014, he opened its doors to the building, used Koleśniki community where residents could organize and participate in various meetings and cultural events. The project initiated and pursued by the Local Community Koleśniki Community House was built. The value of investments is 479,000 LTL. Financial contribution to the construction of the facility also has Šalčininkai district council. On the first floor of the building is decorated hall for 60 seats, toilets, laundry and kitchenette. On the second floor there are rooms for artistic activities, administrative offices, etc.


Active leisure also obtained their object. At the cost of 85,000 LTL in Koleśniki created playground.





In 2009, the renovation of the building has been Primary School in Podborze. It was the first major renovation of the facility since its inception, since 1963. The total value of investment – 657,000 LTL, of which 51 per cent. This means Šalčininkai district government budget, 49 percent. – Measures Association ‘Polish Community’. During the renovations have been insulated walls, replaced the roof, heating system furnished, in the old wooden building was replaced with plastic windows, built a new boiler and was built cafeteria. In 2010, the government budget to be renovated interior canteen decorated ventilation system, taken care of kitchen equipment and furniture. The value of investments – 177 000 300 LTL.


An important project for local government investments aimed at modernizing systems of water supply and sewerage. In the municipality of Podborze largest such project was the construction of a sewage treatment plant in Tietiańce. The building was completed in autumn of 2013. As part of a project financed by the Leader and local government budget Šalčininkai district, whose value amounted to LTL 928,000 will be used by many a generation of inhabitants of the village.





A major investment in Poszki last year became the School street repairs. The value of the project amounted to 280 thousand LTL. As part of the renovation was also made to build a new car park.


In 2012 the building was renovated of Poszki former hall events, currently devoted to the use of the Local Community of Poszki. Renovated from the government budget Šalčininkai district serves the local community building as a meeting place and cultural events.


With the local government budget also restored adit water at the dam on a pond in Poszki.





Destiny of every man to remember the past and build the future. The end of 2012 was marked a historic event not only for the municipality Turgiele, but for the whole Šalčininkai district. Initiated and coordinated by the mayor Šalčininkai district Zdzislaw Palewicz an adaptation of the object of cultural heritage of the Republic of Pawłowska to the needs of recreational and tourism has become an important project completed for the preservation of national memory on Earth Solecznickiej. Close to half-yearly chores into the Republic Pawłowska changed beyond recognition. Since then, one of the most valuable historical objects Šalčininkai district – Republic of Pavlovsk – with dignity can receive visitors. As part financed by EU structural funds under the Rural Development Programme 2007-2013 Lithuanian Leader on the basis of the project have been appointed path, built parking, renovated area, set benches and trash cans, as well as information boards. The value of investments amounted to 140 thousand LTL. The whole perfectly complemented stone monument with the image of Paul Xavier Brzostowski and information about self-built by the Šalčininkai district and Association ‘Polish Community’.


Another object that was renovated manor is Wilkiszki – Dmochowski family former estate, beautifully located in the bend Mereczanki. Dmochowskich wooden mansion was built in 1847. Prepared by the administration of local Šalčininkai district application for restoration of the manor in Wilkiszki was made in the context announced in December 2011, the Leader of the contest to Soleczniki Local Action Group as a project “Adaptation of the manor in Wilkiszki to the needs of young people.” The value of investments is estimated at 928,000 LTL. The scope of work includes the renovation of the facade of the building, balcony, roof, repair the stairs, replacement of windows, floor and doors, appliance installation of water – sewerage and electricity, and heating and ventilation systems, setting up meeting rooms, recreational areas, etc. premises equipment. The aim of project is the revitalization of the historic mansion and the creation of the center tailored to the needs of young people. The renovated building will allow for the protection of the historical area, as well as be a place of practical education and recreation for children and adolescents. It is planned that the manor in Wilkiszkach will create a tourist complex with a conference hall and exhibition, museum, motel. Here are organized summer camps, artistic events, workshops, meetings and other activities of a cultural and integration.


Renovation of the cemetery chapel in Taboryszki was another initiative of local Šalčininkai district, which one of the priorities of the activity is to rescue from oblivion the historical monuments, acquiring resources for their restoration. To this end, the administration of local government decided to use the funds Leader, making the 2012 requests. Investment worth 150 thousand LTL allowed to this temple still stood there a long time with high cross erected to heaven.





The last few years were a time for Šalčininkai challenges and large investments, and the city was like one big construction site. As part of the implementation of investment projects was renovated hospital building and health clinics, their appearances changed cardinally educational institutions – High School “Santarvės”, the name of Jan Śniadecki Middle School, kindergarten “Fairy Tale” and “Vyturėlis”. The last investment in the renovation of educational institutions is the modernization of the building, which houses the Children’s Home and Special School. Within the project, the renovation of the facade of the building, renovation indoor spaces, roof replacement and so on. The value of the investment is 1 million 473 thousand LTL.


Place large investments worth close to 12 million LTL was a district hospital in Šalčininkai. In the four interconnected projects have managed to create an infrastructure that changed the conditions of life of about a thousand inhabitants. As one of the largest investments in Šalčininkai managed to lay asphalt in a few streets, arrange lighting systems and water supply and sanitation. An additional effect of the projects is to improve the aesthetics and architectural integration of the city.


In order to improve the usefulness of urban space and create the conditions for the future development of the city in recent years, several projects have been implemented. Ordering territory Šalčininkai park is one of the basic investment in the urban. For this purpose from the EU funds, state and local government budget has been allocated 1 million 588 thousand LTL. The project has been placed in the park paths, built a playground and an amphitheater. City Park has become an essential place not only walks and meeting locals, but also the most important cultural area – carnival, festival “Song from his Solczy” Harvest Festival and others.


Another place of rest and recreation in Šalčininkai is swimming on the river Šalčia. In summer you can bathe and sunbathe, play volleyball, when the air temperature drops – arrange walks over the water, watching the numerous swans. Value of the two projects, in which the pond was cleaned and decorated beach is 1 million 242 thousand LTL.


Šalčininkai district local government places great emphasis on the restoration of historical sites. In Šalčininkai to this type of investment should organize Wagner Manor Park and the renovation of the palace. In 2011, as part of the project, which is funded at 85 percent. EU funds and 15 percent. from the local government area of over 1.5 hectares a fence, laid paths, benches set. 2013 became the next stage of a consequent change in the face of this historic building. Šalčininkai district local government completed renovation project of the palace, in the course of which has been subjected to renovated facade and roof of the palace. Wagner palace renovation project, which today houses the School of Fine Arts named of Stanisław Moniuszko, is 2 million 300 thousand LTL.


The long-awaited renovation of the building were also Šalčininkai Cultural Centre. As part of the Šalčininkai district by the local government investment project, financed from EU funds and the state budget has been renovating the building facade replacement of roofing, windows and entrance doors, insulated walls. Total investment amounted to 710 thousand LTL.


Changing the look of Šalčininkai currently associated with the image that is missing the last brush stroke. The new plaza with illuminated fountain, a new School of street lighting and modern surface, the new playground at the Gymnasium of Jan Śniadecki – sports lovers dream was done. The project is the result of the “Arrangement urban infrastructure and shaping the landscape Šalčininkai”, which was mentioned above.

Translated by Michał Sadowski within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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