Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) supports the demands of national minorities to vote

The president of the parliamentary fraction AWPL Rita Tamašunienė © L24 (photo. Marian Paluszkiewicz)

In response to the letter of the president of the parliamentary fraction of Rita Tamašunienė AWPL Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), observing elective processes in the countries belonging to it, expressed support for the electoral demands of national minorities residing in Lithuania.

“We are pleased with the state of the active position in protecting the rights of national minorities having to provide them with adequate participation in the elections. As pointed out in our previous reports, we agree that the determination of the boundaries of constituencies should be based on extensive discussions with all stakeholders. Also pointed out that the lowering of the electoral threshold for minority parties could increase their chances of winning a greater number of seats, thereby improving their representation. Facilities for voters belonging to national minorities, information, and other official election materials in minority languages could greatly facilitate their effective participation and understanding of the electoral process,”- said in response to the OSCE Representative Michael Georg Link.

OSCE representative noted, however, that the organization does not have full powers to enforce today from the state to implement the recommendations. However, the OSCE has announced that it will continue to support efforts to approximate legislation and practices in the country to international standards for democratic elections.


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