• September 3, 2014
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The specialists from Poland were improving the speech and stage movement of Vilnius actors

Polish language pronunciation improvement and the principles of the stage pronunciation with the actors of Polish Theatre Studio were taken care by the lecturer of the Academy of Theatre in Warsaw, Anna Zagórska.

I am dealing with Polish language pronunciation and the principles of stage pronunciation. I work with actors, journalists, sometimes with  business people and managers. I do not deal with the rhetorical part of expression, but the phonic one, Its sound and all that determines if we are heard and gladly heard. In Vilnius, my job is to improve the articulation of all sounds, especially vowels, their length and purity, soft consonants and palatal fricatives. I am very satisfied with the great commitment of Vilnius actors. Of course, their problems are varied. Some of them talk Polish better, others worse. Improving the nuances connected with the accent is associated with very good fonematic hearing . Certain phenomena in the language I had to describe to them, give reasons why we speak in this way, instead of the other,”- explained to EN DELFI Anna Zagórska,  the specialist of speech techniques and public pronunciation rules  and the lecturer at the Theatre Academy in Warsaw.

The Specialist indicated that she admires Poles living in Lithuania because we are in the crucible of  three languages ​​that accompany us every day, and this is what causes the mixing of articulation.

“The working on the language for our actors is very much needed. They discovered a lot of things which they are not taught at school. Special benefits gained people who are studying acting in Lithuanian language, where the vowel sound is completely different. I hope to receive the  funding and that we will be able to organize such activities cyclically “- said  to PL DELFI the director and head of the Polish Theatre Studio in Vilnius Lilia Kiejzik.

The stage movement is dealt by the actor Cezary Morawski.

“At the present moment we are working on dialogue. So far, we worked on the overtones, which are hidden in the words, and now we are trying to talk to each other using  this artificial text that is stored and get daily intentions, we are reaching during  conversations with our wife, fiancee or father. Modern acting requires a relaxed conversation, not the stiff one. At this stage we are trying to get as much naturalness as we can. The main purpose of  the class of perfecting the art of theatrical speech  is to correlate speech with the body, harmonize the actions of both, realize that sometimes the word is the result of what is happening in the body, that body language is extremely plastic and active. Sometimes we hide behind the words, and the body says otherwise. The actors of Polish Theatre Studio in Vilnius, which I have already may call friends have a solid foundation and mostly my job is only to  direct them to understand the implied meanings. I  show how to put a full stop, end the subject, such technical stuff. Actors are experienced and doing well without problems. They have great potential “- told to PL DELFI the actor Cezary Morawski.

“During the course I had the opportunity to improve my diction. I have been still doing the exercises, which I had learned. I believe that each of us had learned something useful. And of course, the working with actors such as Cezary Morawski and Anna Zagorska is a great honour, “- told to PL DELFI Monika Jodko, the participant of classes and the actress of Polish Theatre Studio.

Both specialists are for the cyclical nature of such classes because one meeting  allows only to figure out the needs. Next classes would allow for a faster introduction of new skills to the performances. Regular meetings would allow to systematize and improve acting workshop.

Polish Theatre Studio expands its territory, and this weekend with the performance “Notes of a Red Army officer” is going to London.

At the same time ,the second edition of the International Festival of Polish Monospectacles “Monowschód” in Vilnius, which will be held 7 – 9 November is being prepared.

Melpomene’s supporters will have the opportunity to see the performances of one actor from Lithuania, Poland, Belarus, Russia and Ukraine. In total the festival program will consist of nine performances, presented on the stage of the National Small  Theatre of Vilnius  on Pohulanka Street (Russian Drama Theatre of Lithuania), the House of Polish Culture in Vilnius. The festival’s performings  will be also exhibited in Trakai and Soleczniki.

To participate in the festival will be invited professional and amateur theatres from Central and Eastern Europe, possessing in their repertoire the monospectacles which will be played in Polish language or are closely related to Polish culture.

Translated by Katarzyna Ratajek within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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