• September 2, 2014
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Tyszkiewicz Palace in Trakų Vokė invites tourists

This Friday the Palace in Trakų Vokė opens its doors for tourists.

On 5th September opening of the Tyszkiewicz Palace will be held. Over the last decade the Palace belonged to the Confederation of the Lithuanian Nobility. This year it was handed over to the Council of the Vilnius City Municipality.

Vilnius authorities plan to renovate the building and restore the original appearance of the park designed by French landscape architect Edouard Andre. The renovation works will be financed from EU funds. The park situated in the vicinity of the route from Vilnius to Trakai was opened in 1900. In the park there are alleys, a viewpoint, three ponds and trough the park flows a stream.

On 5th September the organizers plan to launch the famous fountain situated in front of the Palace.

The tourists can also visit historical orangeries, Palace rooms and see the exhibitions of well-known Lithuanian and foreign painters – participants of the international painting outdoor workshop which takes place for 11 years in Trakų Vokė.

The 19th century Palace in Trakų Vokė belonged to the house of Tyszkiewicz before the Second World War. It was designed by Italian Leonardo Marconi.

The opening will be accompanied by performances of the “Trimitas” orchestra and dance ensembles.

Translated by Maciej Jóźwiak within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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