• August 20, 2014
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Narkiewicz: There has been no criticism about our work

Deputy Chairman of the Seimas, Jarosław Narkiewicz, declared that AWPL will again propose Jarosław Niewierowicz for the position of the Minister of Energetics of the Republic of Lithuania. In the opinion of the AWPL politician, the party has huge confidence in the former minister.

“The AWPL Council didn’t consider other candidacies. We don’t see a need to do so.”, said Narkiewicz to the BNS agency on Wednesday.

“We assume that our team is selected seriously, we aren’t “on the black list”; within two years of the functioning of the government there has been no criticism about our work. Therefore we cannot betray our people for the sake of some ambitions or for some other reason”, said a deputy chairman of the Seimas when asked whether the party gave some thought to changing Renata Cytacka, who the Prime Minister accused of incompetence.

Narkiewicz declared that the party will propose the reappointment of Niewierowicz for the position of the minister of energetics, as “he hasn’t lost the trust of the party “. Narkiewicz unfortunately didn’t comment on the future of Renata Cytacka.

In the opinion of Narkiewicz, coalition agreement wasn’t violated by appointing Cytacka the deputy minister of energetics. “In principle the coalition contract wasn’t broken. We didn’t break any point of the contract” added the deputy chairman of the Seimas.

Narkiewicz noticed that events associated with Cytacka and Niewierowicz are the result of the fact that both are not connected with any kind of lobby. Moreover, in the opinion of Narkiewicz the minister was satisfied with Cytacka’s work.

Translated by Anna Wójcik within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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