• May 31, 2013
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Vilnius District Municipality received financial support for new projects execution

Management of Vilnius District Municipality applied for a financial support for the new projects by means of using the budget of financial period of 2007-2013 years.

Receiving the financial support is planned by the end of 2014 year.
Vilnius District Municipality will be spending all the funds on the educational institutions, out of concern for the children high standard of living. The boilers at the educational institutions are undergoing renovation and modernization in order to reduce spending on heating and CO2 emission to atmosphere. There are coal boilers installed in the schools at present. The boiling rooms and the boilers are in very bad condition. The boilers are ineffective, they loose a lot of heat, and therefore need more fuel for the building heating. The stokers work in uncomfortable conditions, loading the boilers on and on by hands.

The boiling rooms space will be reconstructed, the new boilers using biomass fuel (the wooden pellets and shavings) will be installed. Loading the boilers will be automated. Installation of the biomass fuel boilers will lead to the reduction of environmental pollution and gas emission causing the greenhouse effect, they will lead to more effective usage of natural resources. The effectiveness of boilers energy will be increased. The educational institutions will be heated at the minimum cost and the environmental pollution will be reduced, thus benefiting directly our society.

The finances have already been assigned. The details are being discussed now. The projects will be launched in 2013-2014 years.

Installation of biomass fuel boiler in Secondary School named after Saint Casimir in Medininkai . Project value – 464,772.64 Lt (Municipality financing – 129,751.71 Lt).

Installation of biomass fuel boiler in Secondary School in Mickūnai. Project value – 464,772.00 609,324.82 Lt (Municipality financing – 224,223.44 Lt).

Installation of biomass fuel boiler in Secondary School in Buivydžiai Project value – 464,772.00 536,036.72 Lt (Municipality financing – 195,720.83 Lt).

Installation of biomass fuel boiler in Kindergarden in Anavilio. Project value – 464,772.00 99,454,05 Lt (Municipality financing – 42,627.61 Lt).

Renovation of Secondary School building in Avižienių.

In May this year the Secondary School in Aviźieniu achieved status of gimnazija, therefore the renovation of the building will help to get the better education quality and the better accomplishments. The sports hall will get a complete refurbishment during the renovation works. The students will get a better chance to be the winners in the sport competitions after having the sport room refurbished. It is worth to say, that the Aviźieniu Secondary School has got a history of winning the volleyball competitions, there are the boys and girls teams competing home and abroad. Project value – 3,126,125.00 Lt. Municipality financing – 1,000,000.00 Lt. The technical project is already done. Completion of works is planned for December 2013.

The Pagiriai gimnazija buidling renovation.

The Secondary School in Pagiriai – a multi language educational institution, preserving the culture and attitude of the national communities, providing the education in Polish and Lithuanian. More than 800 pupils attend the school, there are constantly new projects implemented, the events are organized, therefore the building renovation will achieve not only the better energy effectiveness, but also will improve the education environment. Project value – 3 million Lt. The Vilnius Municipality granted 500,000.00 Lt. The technical project has been done (the windows replacement, insulation of the walls and the roof, the heating system reconstruction, insulation of the ground floor). The ordered works will start in June. Completion of works is planned for December 2013.

Source: http://kurierwilenski.lt/2013/05/31/samorzad-rejonu-wilenskiego-otrzymal-finansowanie-na-realizacje-nowych-projektow/

Tłumaczenie by Jadwiga Granowska w ramach praktyk w Europejskiej Fundacji Praw Człowieka, www.efhr.eu. Translated by Jadwiga Granowska within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu. 

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