15 years of Polish bookshop “Elephas”

Polish bookshop “Elphas” in Vilnius, situated in Antokol on ul. Holenderska [street] (Olandų), celebrates a jubilee—its 15th anniversary.   On this occasion we converse with Dorota ‎Łatkowska, co-owner of “Elephas”.
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Deputy Mayor of Vilnius District Municipality Czesław Olszewski: Second World War veterans were system’s hostages

“I have great respect for you for your courage, sacrifice, and for all you did to save the world from the Nazi plague. No one knows what would have happened
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Pan Tadeusz arrives to Alanta!

More and more manor houses of which Lithuania was famous for once are brought back to life and its glory. Even if it is connected with “lords” and polish culture.
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