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“Celebrity duets” with Katarzyna Niemyćko

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“After her success in a television dance show Katarzyna Niemyćko neither rested on her laurels nor took leave from TV. She has begun her new adventure in a singing competition “Celebrity duets” (“Žvaigždzių duetai”).

The singer’s partner is Jonas Jonušas, the “B’avarija” band’s ex-member, and the girls from “Pop Ladies” band – Oksana Pikul and Liepa Modeikaitė – support them. In contrary to other duets which take part in the project, we can say that they formed a quartet. “Usually two persons form a duet. Here, the duo comprises our band, “Pop Ladies”, and Jonas so it’s a bit harder to select voices and to match consonance but these are technicalities, which, I believe, we will be able to overcome,” said Katarzyna Niemyćko to “Wilnoteka.”

We asked her about attitudes towards a new challenge, especially taking into account the fact that she might not have regained her strength after the dancing struggle yet. “I will find enough strength for this. As usual, I’m ready and enthusiastic about the work and maximum effort. I don’t set my mind on a victory but of course everyone of us dreams about the first place and I aspire to it. It’s important to do a great job so that I will not regret that I made less effort and wasted my time drinking coffee instead of practising. What is going to happen – I don’t know. Will we be eliminated after the first show or will we stay until the final one – God only knows. I can only promise to do my best,” said Niemyćko.

How far Kasia and Jonas get in the show will largely depend on the audience’s support.

Katarzyna counts on every vote from her fans.

The next episode of the show will be broadcast on LNK, Saturday, 2nd of February, at 7 pm.

Source: http://www.wilnoteka.lt/pl/artykul/quotduety-gwiazdquot-z-katarzyna-niemycko

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