• January 25, 2013
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The visit of Vilnius district municipality delegation in Biała Podlaska County

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On 10-12 of January 2013 the delegation of Vilnius district municipality, together with the deputy director of administration Robert Komarowski and specialists from Wydział Ekonomii i Majątku (the Department of Economy and Property) and the Investment Department, took part in meetings and discussions with business partners from Biała Podlaska County.

Vilnius district municipality concluded a cooperation agreement with Biała Podlaska County 10 years ago. In order to plan possible future direction of cooperation and to gain new partners, the representatives of Vilnius district municipality accepted the invitation from Tadeusz Łazowski, the starost of Biała Podlaska County.

The representatives of 4 countries : Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine and Hungary met in Biała Podlaska. The programme of the visit included also the meeting in Pope John Paul II State School of Higher Education in Biała Podlaska. Prof. Mieczysław Adamowicz familiarized the guests with the school’s achievements, structure and activity.

Modern research centre, facilities provided by European Union, new rooms and dormitory deserve special attention. Professor presented directions for the development and the school’s future plans. He stressed the fact that the school aims not only to teach theoretical knowledge, but also to provide students with the possibility to practise their skills in various institutions and companies, as well as to organize international student exchange programmes.

The representatives of 4 countries met in the county office to discuss future projects and the ways of gaining new business partners. The final point of the visit was the participation in “Dobre, bo Bialskie” (It’s good because it’s from Biała Podlaska) festivity. It was an occasion to summarize individual municipalities’ activity, choose the best enterprises of Biała Podlaska County and present young talent who make the county famous for their achievements.

The next day, the delegation visited the centre for the disabled in Kozela, as well as The Sanctuary of Our Lady of Kodeń and the monastery of St. Onuphrius.

We hope that this exchange of experience and relations that have been established will result in cooperation and realization of numerous projects.

Source: http://kurierwilenski.lt/2013/01/25/wizyta-robocza-delegacji-samorzadu-rejonu-wilenskiego-w-powiecie-bialskim/

Tłumaczenie Katarzyna Kurowska w ramach praktyk w Europejskiej Fundacji Praw Człowieka, www.efhr.eu. Translated by Katarzyna Kurowska the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu. 


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