• January 24, 2013
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Danuta Narbut a new vice-director of the Administration of Vilnius

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Danuta Narbut , so far an employee of the Education Department of the Self-Government of Vilnius is to be a new  vice-director of the Administration of the Self-Government on AWPL’s behalf. Yesterday her candidature was officially presented to councillors at the session of the metropolitan City Council. She is to replace Edita Tamošiūnaitė who became a vice-minister of education of Lithuania. The Director of Administration of the Vilnius’ Self-Government, i.e. the manager of the municipal office, has three deputies and, on the basis of the coalition agreement of 2011, Polish Electoral Action received one of these posts.

Danuta Narbut has been working in the field of education for almost 20 years. Just after graduation (Early School Education – Pedagogical University in Szawle) she became a headmaster of a newly formed school-kindergarten in her home town Wojdaty near Vilnius. In 2004 she completed the next studies at Vilnius Educological University, obtaining a degree of MA in education management. For several years she has worked in the metropolitan school-board – currently she is a manager of the Subbranch Management and Pedagogical Activity in Education Section of the Department of Education, Culture and Sport (Švietimo, kultūros ir sporto departamento Švietimo skyriaus Vadybinės ir pedagoginės veiklos poskyris) which the Administration of Vilnius is in charge of. Several times she ran for the self-government election on AWPL’s behalf, although she is not a member of the party.

When Danuta Narbut presented her candidature to councillors she has not depicted detailed plans and priorities of her activity yet in case of taking office of a vice-director of administration. “If I am nominated for the post I will wait until the director of administration points out fields I will be responsible for and then, adequately to the situation, I will plan my activity” – she announced. The deputy prime minister Jarosław Kamiński helped D. Narbut to disprove allegations that the candidate has not had even general directions of her future job yet. “We perceive the post of a vice-director of administration as executive authority, this is why the activity of the future vice-director depends on us all- the members of the Council” – the vice-mayor of Vilnius reminded councillors.

The voting on the approval of Danuta Narbut’s candidature for the post of a vice-director of administration is to take place during the next session of the City Council of Vilnius.

Source: http://www.wilnoteka.lt/pl/artykul/danuta-narbut-nowym-wiceszefem-administracji-wilna

Tłumaczenie Barbara Szydłowska w ramach praktyk w Europejskiej Fundacji Praw Człowieka, www.efhr.eu. Translated by Barbara Szydłowska the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu. 


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