• January 10, 2013
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StaraNova music group looking for a female lead singer

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Monika, the up-to-now singer at StaraNova, a neofolk group from the Vilnius area, left the band. The groupis not looking for a new female singer and invites all interested persons to take part in the casting held by the group. The casting will take place until the 20th of February.

One of the band’s leaders, Paweł Żemojtin did not want to comment on why the aforementioned singer left. “Why did that singer leave? Life brings various situations upon us and it is not always that we can handle education, work and a music career all at the same time. The previous vocalist was good but it happened and today we are on a lookout for a replacement” – Żemojtin said to PL DELFI.

Besides, he does not see anything bizarre about the recent changes – “It’s a normal thing that our team will face evolution and changes. We are a young and ambitious group. We try to do our job the best we can. We’re all professional musicians so we are looking for an adequate person to cover the vocal.” – the musician highlighted.

The band is looking for a talented, ambitious and hard-working person. “We are looking for someone who takes work seriously. Because music is our job. It’s not a hobby as opposed to what it may seem to be. We want someone who is not scared to face difficulties and has their own professional ambitions, a person who believes in their own success and in what they do but also loves good music.” – the  band leader pointed out.

The female vocalist should above all be talented musically. “Obviously most of all we value vocal skills. As per the beginning, we will listen to the candidates’ voices and once that stage is done, we will assess their physical attributes. It’s obviously not a beauty contest. Clearly good looks on stage are important, but that can be worked on. Musical skills and a personality, these are our priorities.” – Paweł Żemojtin explains.

Anyone interested can sign up by writing an e-mail to staranova.wno@gmail.com. The casting will take place until the 20th of February.

Source: http://pl.delfi.lt/kultura/kultura/staranova-szuka-wokalistki.d?id=60394117

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