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„Light over Bethlehem” – 27 thousand litas collected (Mother died before concert )


“Stella Spei” organised the 7th Christmas carol charity night, “Light over Bethlehem.”  This time the aim of the event was to aid a day care centre for the mentally disabled in Salcininkai. 27 thousand litas was raised at the event. 

Evgenij Bierdnikov, 14, lived with his mother and younger brother.The mother struggled with cancer, but died several days before the concert.The father lives in Russia and is not much interested in his family.The condition of the house is unacceptable.All the basic amenities are outside.There is no running water.

For 6 years Ilona and Adam Jurewicz, the managers of “Stella Spei” from Blessed Jerzy Malutkiewicz parish in Vilnius, have been uniting the citizens from the Vilnius Region to help the needy by supporting them financially.

“Since 2007, Christmas carol charity nights have taken place yearly in the House of Polish Culture in Vilnius. Thanks to help from benefactors we could support orphanages in Pabrade and Salcininkai, as well as the day care centre for the disabled in Niemenczyn. Moreover, in recent years we have been trying to support individual people who struggle with financial and health problems. Over the last three years we have helped 11 people” – said Adam Jurewicz, one of the organisers of the event.

“This year we managed to raise about 27 thousand litas. 6.600 litas was transferred directly to our bank account, 9.180 litas and 50 zlotys was gathered in money tins during the concert, and 3.500 euro was sent to our account by the Polish Embassy in Vilnius” – said Ilona Jurevicz, the manager of “Stella Spei.”

“We have raised almost as much as last year, when 29.707 litas and 75 cents was collected. I say ‘almost,’ because the account is still active and will remain so till February, which means that the willing still have time to help the needy.” – said Jurewicz enthusiastically.

Apart from “Stella Spei,” “Il Canto” from Salcininkai and “Arfa” from the Kyviskes Elementary School appeared as guests.

Mayor Zdzislaw Palewicz thanked the organisers of the event on behalf of the day care centre and the Salcininkai Regional Council.

“This year we created AD BONUM, a public institution which will enable us to help the needy more fully and substantively. We give you our account details. It is a sub-account containing only funds for this charity” – emphasised Jurewicz. 



Account no: LT10 7300 0101 3358 8276

A few words about those who are to receive help: 

Evgenij Bierdnikov, 14, lived with his mother and younger brother. The mother struggled with cancer, but died several days before the concert. The father lives in Russia and is not much interested in his family. The house is in a very bad condition, verging on unacceptable. All the basic amenities are outside. There is no running water. 

Dariusz Gabrylewski, 15, lives with his mother. Parents are divorced. The father does not take care of the son. He does not help at all. Their house is shared with another family. Half of the house is unsuitable to live in. There is no bathroom or running water in the house. They have to fetch water from Akmenine, a village situated one km away. In winter the house is filled with snow because doors and windows are not sealed. 

Dariusz Pietraszun, 16, lives with his mother and brother, who is a student. The father is dead. The mother cannot have a full time job because of her son’s illness. They have insufficient means. 

Ingrida Baranovskaja, 20, her father is dead. The mother must look after her 3 daughters all by herself. She cannot work due to her daughter’s illness. They do not own a house. They share it with another family. The family can barely live from hand to mouth.  Ingrida does not have a proper bed. The mother is not young and has health problems. They need room adaptation. But fixing their leaking roof is even more pressing, as is the replacement of their wiring system, which is hazardous to the family’s safety. 

Krystyna Adamowicz, 26, lives with her sister, who tries to help her. The parents are dead. The house where the sisters live needs major renovation – the heat escapes because the roof top needs replacement.  They need basic toilet and bathroom in order to keep minimal hygiene.

The mentioned people suffer from cerebral palsy, Krystyna has hydrocephalus along with cerebral palsy, and Evgenij is autistic. 

“Stella Spei” group. 
Beginning in 1999-2000 – the youth sang as choir of Blessed Jerzy Matulewicz church. The name “Stella Spei” (which can be translated to “Hope Star”) was conceived in April 2004. As the name suggests, the group is to bring light and mirth to whomever they meet. It shines so bright for those who lost hope, so that they could hear the voice of the Lord.

Source: http://pl.delfi.lt/kultura/kultura/swiatlo-nad-betlejem-zebrano-27-tys-litow.d?id=60370421

Tłumaczenie Aleksandra Christ w ramach praktyk w Europejskiej Fundacji Praw Człowieka, www.efhr.eu. Translated by Aleksandra Christ the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu. 

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