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Katarzyna Niemyćko: “Keep moving forward”

@ Kurier Wilenski

For four months Katarzyna Niemyćko, a singer and participant of a Lithuanian television project “Kviečiu šokti”, has been doing her best in a dance show together with her partner Dainius Dimša. In a final stage of the competition the couple did their best and won hearts of the jury and audience. The winning couple received also a main award – 25 000 LTL.

Have emotions already waned after the victory?

What can I say? One of my dreams has come true! I’m still euphoric, this victory lifted my spirits. I’m happy and that’s all. I think that this feeling will continue for a long time.

How did you feel during the final stage of the competition when the victory was still uncertain?

I didn’t want to win so much. Of course, we should not hide it that each one of the participants kept a dream of victory somewhere deep in their hearts. I repeated it many times that I wanted to present myself in a good light and this was my main aim. Of course, nerves and stress did their job but after the second dance I calmed down and became relaxed. The main award was not my goal but I had to do my best on the dancing floor. I think my feelings were noticed by the jury and viewers who voted for us. We were honest in our dance. We have never pretended that we were dancing with our whole heart, we have never tried to ingratiate ourself with anybody. I hope all people realized that.

It is said that the members of the jury were on the verge of tears…

Our last dance said everything about our feelings and emotions that we had experienced since the beginning of the project. I think it was a summary of a half a year of hard work, the emotions did their job and we probably won thanks to that. The support of the viewers was extremely important to us, especially the support during the final stage, I’m shocked and also deeply grateful for that.

What kind of a partner is Dainius Dimša?

Of course, my partner was the best. I couldn’t dream of a better one. At the beginning of the project when the organizers said he would by my partner I couldn’t believe it because I knew he was an amazing dancer. Of course I had to accept a challenge, it was a great responsibility and I couldn’t betray their trust. I knew I would be working extremely hard. I was lucky to get the best partner, choreographers, the whole team was good as well as the participants. Everything was amazing so it is hard to tell what I didn’t like. Only health problems and nerves were difficult to deal with. However, without difficulties you can’t experience the true essence of life.

How did you deal with stress?

Unfortunately, I have not always managed to deal with it completely. I always experience everything deeply. I felt a little bit hesitant. My partner helped me relieve the tension, the choreographers always repeated, “Breath and dance for yourself, live with the dance”. Those words were extremely helpful. In general, I’m very sensitive to words, every word full of support and warmth means a lot to me. I always reminded myself that it was only a temporary show. During those three minutes on the dance floor I thought only about dancing.

Are you a perfectionist?

Yes, of course. If I decide to do something, I’m always completely involved in it. However, if I had noticed that I wasn’t good at dancing, I would have hesitated for a moment. I am very self-critical, I can notice a lot of my mistakes, I am not sure whether I deserved the main award. However, I think it would be worse if I kept telling myself that I was cool, clever and I could do anything. A person who decides to stop and does not go anywhere can say something like that. I wanted to keep moving forward. I have some work to do.

What have you gained form the project?

Self-confidence, appreciation of the viewers. I have proved myself that I can do something which I did not expect myself to do. The appreciation of the viewers, not only from Polish but also Lithuanian people, is extremely important to me. I feel more confident and courageous.

What are your future plans?

I was invited to participate in a different project and I am going to do it. I plan to develop my singing skills. Because of the dance show, I neglected them a little bit and I want to improve myself within this field. My plans are very far-reaching. I have to focus on my personal life as well. I’m sure I won’t stop after this project. I have a lot of plans, therefore, I keep moving forward!

Source: http://kurierwilenski.lt/2013/01/07/katarzyna-niemycko-zawsze-do-przodu/

Tłumaczenie Karolina Rolka w ramach praktyk w Europejskiej Fundacji Praw Człowieka, www.efhr.eu. Translated by Karolina Rolka the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu. 


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