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Katarzyna Niemyćko Lithuanian Dancing Queen


After 19 weeks of rehearsals and dance performances in the „Kviečiu šokti” project, Katarzyna Niemiyćko and Dainius Dimša won the first place in the superfinal. They won 25,000 Lithuanian litas and received the title of the king and queen of dance.

5 pairs competed for 40,000 Lithuania litas in the final contest: Katarzyna Niemyćko and Dainius Dimša, Kristina Navickaitė-Tina and Tadas Rimgaila, Aušra Štukytė and Tomas Slausgalvis, Donatas Baumila and Rasa Židonytė, Ingrida Kazlauskaitė and Ovidijus Andriekus.

The first place was worth 25,000 Lithuania litas, the second 10,000 Lithuanian litas and the third 5,000 Lithuanian litas.

All pairs danced twice in the superfinal. Niemyćko and Dimš’s first dance was warmly applauded, however one of the judges, Edita Daniūtė, said that the pair must get rid of stress if they want to win. The director, Vytenis Pauliukaitis, emphasised that during these 19 weeks the pair performed 17 different dances.

Programme’s producers introduced a new element into the superfinal. Every member of the jury was given 15 roses – votes. They had to distribute the roses to the pairs, which thus helped to classify the dancers in the final ranking.

Additional points were given by the celebrities from the showbiz world. Nerijus Juška, the ballet master, gave his rose to Tina; Irena Starošaitė and Radżi gave their roses to Niemyćko; Jogaila Morkūnas gave one point to Štukyte. The Internet users awarded Katarzyna Niemyćko with one point.

The ranking table before the voting:

Niemyćko – 3
Tina – 2
Štukytė – 1

Jury’s votes

Unanimously, each member of the four-person jury gave one rose to Donatas Baumila and Rasa Židonytė, two roses to Ingrid Kazlauskaitė and Ovidijus Andriekus. Opinions were divided when it was time to decide about the first three places. Edita Daniūtė and Giedrius Drukteinis awarded Aušra Štukytė and Tomas Slausgalvis with the third place; Kristiny Navickaitė-Tina and Tadas Rimgail took the second place; five roses and the first place was left for Niemyćko. Aurelijus Liškauskas awarded Tina with the first place, leaving Niemyćko on the second one. However, Vytenis Pauliukaitis gave three roses to Tina, four to Štukytė and five to Niemyćko.

The ranking table after the voting:

Niemyćko – 22
Tina – 17
Štukytė – 14
Kazlauskaitė – 8
Baumila – 4

Viewers’ votes could have changed the results, however they did not. When the viewers’ votes were added, the ranking did not change. Polish girl and a singer, Katarzyna Niemećko, with her dance partner Dainius Dimša won the dancing contest which had lasted for 19 weeks.

When the results were announced, Dainius solemnly put the golden shoes on Katarzyna’s feet. They symbolise Katarzyna’s achieving the status of the Dancing Queen.

Source: http://pl.delfi.lt/rozrywka/polka-katarzyna-niemycko-krolowa-tanca-na-litwie.d?id=60326751

Tłumaczenie Patrycja Olszówka w ramach praktyk w Europejskiej Fundacji Praw Człowieka, www.efhr.eu. Translated by Patrycja Olszówka the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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