• October 1, 2012
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“The Emigrants”: Two Sławomirs and two Edwards

“Emigranci”, Polskie Studio Teatralne © Organizatorių archyvo nuotr

“Boys performed brilliantly. Almost two months of rehearsals didn’t go to waste.” Sławomir Gaudyn praised the actors. They are Edward Kiejzik and Edward Trusewicz who in the  yesterday late Sunday evening (September 30) played in a drama titled “The Emigrants”.

Sławomir Mrożek, a famous Polish playwright, is the author of the play and Sławomir Gaudyn, a director form Rzeszów, adapted it for the audience of Vilnius.

“The idea to change the end of the play was born in the “interesting and hard” 90s. Mrożek liked my adaptation of the end of the play and this was it.” Sławomir Gaudyn, a director of the play, said for PL DELFI. The original Mrożek’s play has a happy ending: there will be no slaves but full liberation, total freedom. However, in Gaudyn’s adaptation the intelligent one commits suicide and the worker sets fire to his house.

Edward Trusewicz does not plan to dedicate his life to acting. “The proposal to act in a play was a challenge for me and even more than that, a desire to know something new, a desire to look at the play form the actor’s perspective.” stressed Edward Trusewicz, a secretary of the Association of Poles in Lithuania. Edward Kiejzik, an actor and theatre manager, was in his element. Accurately selected details: a hole in a sock and flinging a leg over a room-mate made the audience split their sides.

“The play exceeded all expectations. The main theme of the play, that presents our reality, was very surprising as well. This play educates us and lets us look at ourselves from different perspective. A wonderful play, a wonderful director, wonderful acting.” Michał Mackiewicz, a chairman of the Association of Poles in Lithuania, shared his positive opinion with PL DELFI.

Polish Theatre Studio in Vilnius have performed plays of Sławomir Mrożek before. “I wanted to experiment and invited a director form Poland to our next play. Sławomir Gaudyn willingly accepted the invitation. We can observe the final effects on stage. Every director has their own style, actors who cooperate with different directors learn new tricks, new theatrical techniques. Thanks to such a cooperation, a theatre and actors and the audience gain something special.” said Lilija Kiejzik, a director of Polish Theatre Studio.

Source: http://pl.delfi.lt/kultura/kultura/emigranci-w-dkp-dwoch-slawomirow-i-dwoch-edwardow.d?id=59626235

Tłumaczenie Karolina Rolka w ramach praktyk w Europejskiej Fundacji Praw Człowieka, www.efhr.eu. Translated by Karolina Rolka the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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