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1920: the citizens of Vilnius in the victorious war

Exactly 95 years ago, Polish troops commanded by General Lucjan Żeligowski entered, or rather returned to Vilnius. The citizens of the city received them as warmly as 1,5 year before,… Read more »

Polish Junior High School in Trakai

The community of the Polish school in Trakai has reasons to pride and satisfaction: owing to the resolution of parents, headmasters and pedagogical staff the institution gained the status of… Read more »

Poland – Lithuania (1)

Political relations between Poland and Lithuania– which are today the worst in decades – show how politicians can easily and quickly ruin what Poles and Lithuanians have been laboriously building… Read more »

Minibuses for Polish schools in Lithuania

Local governments’ authorities of the Vilnius district municipality obtained funds from the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs to buy 4 minibuses for the Polish schools. “This is a symbolic moment… Read more »

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