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The court will re-address the issue of double naming of streets

On Monday Administrative Vilnius Regional Court is to make a ruling on double naming of streets in Šalčininkai district municipality. The court took up the case at the motion of… Read more »

The Court ordered to remove Polish signs in Šalčininkai district municipality

On Monday the Court in Vilnius ordered to remove signs with street names in Lithuanian and Polish in Šalčininkai district municipality. Prime minister, who promised to resolve the  issue of… Read more »

You can be a Neo-Nazi too

Socially active young people are in the way of the regime which tries to gag them. 150 years ago the idea of the tsar regime was recruitment to the Moscal… Read more »

Ponary Diary by K. Sakowicz in Lithuanian

In Vilnius the official presentation of Lithuanian edition of ‘Ponary Diary, 1941 – 1943’ will be held in celebration of International Holocaust Remembrance Day. A shocking account of the Nazi… Read more »

The debut concert of Will’N’Ska

A young Vilnius punk band Will’N’Ska in which local Poles play will have its first solo performance. The band will play today (28th January) in the metropolitan club “Bix”. The… Read more »

According to the Lithuanian Law on National Minorities adopted in 1991, signs with Polish street names are legal

Today, the District Administrative Court in Vilnius decided that signs with Polish street names placed within the Šalčininkai region Municipality are against law, and demanded that they are removed. The… Read more »

Presentation of “Ponarski Diary” in Lithuania (The International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust)

Today in Lithuania, the International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust, is celebrated. Throughout the whole day, various celebrations dedicated to the events from 70… Read more »

Another verdict: Remove plates with Polish inscriptions!

Once again the District Administrative Court in Vilnius ordered the director of administration in Šalčininkai district municipality to remove the plates with Polish street names, as they are considered illegal…. Read more »

Palewicz: We will definitely appeal against court’s decision; ruling on bilingual inscriptions in Šalčininkai is announced

The District Administrative Court in Vilnius pronounced that the administration of the Šalčininkai district municipality should remove all plates with Polish street names on them within a month. “The director… Read more »

A concert for the Anniversary of the January Uprising

On Saturday, in celebration of the Sesquicentennial Anniversary of the January Uprising, a concert of the contemporary patriotic music took place in the Vilnius Culture Centre. The performances were given… Read more »

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