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Removal of bilingual signs in villages Bieliškės and Ozhulovka is against the law and lacks

  Years-long dispute over Polish signs in the Vilnius Region came back when in May the National Language Inspectorate (lit. Valstybinė kalbos inspekcija), invoking the protection of the Lithuanian language,
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Poles in Lithuania Prepare To Change Their Surnames

As new laws came into force in Lithuania at the beginning of May, allowing the original spelling of first and last names to be written in identity documents, the first
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First court win regarding the use of diacritical marks in Lithuanian documents.

Fist court case regarding the use of diacritical marks in Lithuanian documents has been won. Vilnian regional court allows putting a letter “ń” in a passport. The regional court in
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Spelling of names and surnames act needed immediately!

European Foundation of Human Rights has been fighting for the rights to original name spelling in Lithuanian documents. Unfortunately courts are often helpless. -We want to show that it is
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Original spelling of surnames: pre-election bluffing?

The issue of spelling of names and surnames of Polish minority in Lithuania has been a sticking point in the Polish-Lithuanian relations. During the upcoming spring session, the Seimas is
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