„We won’t allow Polish schools to be closed down!” – parents’ protest in front of

“We are fighting for justice in education”, “ We won’t allow Polish schools to be closed down!”, “No to the bulldozer policy” – posters in Polish, Lithuanian, and Russian with
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Mayor’s crucial, but not final, vote on the matter of the Lelewel school

K. Daukšos High School, providing education in Lithuanian language, received an approval from the City Council to form classes 11 and 12 starting 1st September 2015. The Polish J. Lelewel
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Ambassador’s meeting with the headmaster of high school under the name of Joachim Lelewel in

The fate of the endangered Polish schools in Lithuania is an interesting issue for many communities. Jarosław Czubiński, the Polish ambassador in Vilnius, met with the authorities of high school
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