• April 19, 2022
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April 19 – Rally of the Poles of Vilnius Region in Defense of Polish Schools

On Tuesday, April 19, a protest rally of the Poles of Vilnius Region “In defense of schools of national minorities in the Trakai district (Longin Komołowski Secondary School in Polukun and Andrzej Stelmachowski Primary School in Senieji Trakai)” will be held at the building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania (2 J. Tumo-Vaižganto Street, Vilnius) at 16.00.

At the rally, protesting against discrimination against national minorities, we will demand to respect for the rights of the Polish minority in Lithuania.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the ministry that has one of the primary tasks to monitor and implement the fundamental and all-European principles included in the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities of the Council of Europe.

In 2000 the Republic of Lithuania signed and ratified the Council of Europe Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities without any exceptions.



Translated by Karolina Glaubitt within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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