• October 7, 2021
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The Rebirth of Polish Students’ Union

‘Everyone says college years are the best time in life. I hope that Polish Students’ Union we want to renew will contribute to it so it will actually be this way’ says Tomasz Matuiza, who decided to get involved in the reconstruction of organization actively working in Vilnius back in the day.

The first meeting of Polish Students’ Union after years was held on Tuesday. At Polish Community Centre in Vilnius (unfortunately, already after closing of the latest edition of Kurier Wileński) initiators of the Union’s revival pondered over what connects them and can connect them even more. Planning a strategy for the future, they shared knowledge on the subject of scholarships granted by Polish state during academic year 2021/22.

“Are you a student? Are you Polish or of Polish origin? If you answered YES x2, it means that it is You we are looking for to invite to our group and together create Polish Students’ Union in Lithuania” organizers encouraged to participate in the first meeting.

One of Polish Students’ Union’s rebirth initiators is Tomasz Matuiza, currently studying culture management.
‘Each one of us belongs to some organizations, and has different commitments, but I believe that students’ union connecting Polish people, is much needed. I myself do many things, being engaged at various levels, however I am convinced we will be able to accomplish much more in a club like this.’ he tells Kurier Wileński.

It is worth to mention the union is being created next to web portal Wilnoteka, with one of its reporters Czesława Stanul serving as support to the students. As she said during talk with Kurier Wileński, she noticed how important are these types of organizations several years ago when she herself was an economy student. Now that she decided to start her studies once again after many years – this time polish studies at Vytautas Magnus University – the memories of Polish Students’ Union came back to her.

‘Such organization is needed for Polish people studying in Lithuania to not blend in completely with Lithuanian environment. For me it was very important organization, where something was constantly happening; we would organize meetings, carry out personal projects. I think it can be like that even today. When the thought about rebuilding club appeared, I gladly committed to the idea. In my opinion that club can be a very good tool for realization diverse ideas young Poles have’ she responds to Kurier Wileński.

Czesława Stanul explains that as for now, the club will be supported by Wilnoteka; not only on the media platform, but somewhat financially as well. Club coordinator expands on the idea:
‘As far as I am concerned it is worth to take a closer look on how that club operates, what are the needs and expectations of young people / youths. If it turns out there is demand and the will to act, it can be fully independent organization, affiliating students from different universities, not only those from Vilnius, but also Poles from other places.’

Translated by Sonia Dados within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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