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Ranking of schools: JP Junior High School in 15th place, district schools at the “gray end”

The Reitingai magazine has traditionally announced a ranking of 359 junior high schools in the country. This year, the results for Polish schools turned out to be unfavorable – admittedly the Junior High School John Paul II in Vilnius jumped to 15th place from 36th, but other Polish schools were out of a hundred. In addition, about 10 Polish or mixed schools were on the list of 150 so-called “Weak schools” of Lithuania, selected by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport.

The ranking of junior high schools for which entrance exams do not apply is based on several criteria. Its authors take into account the average grade of all students of a given school from the matriculation exams in Lithuanian and literature, history, English, mathematics, information technology, physics, chemistry, biology and geography. They also assess how many high school graduates from particular matura exams received one, two, three, four or five “hundreds”. Further criteria are getting into a state-funded study at so-called destinations or getting into universities abroad. This year there was also a criterion of “crumbling”, i.e. how many students finished the 12th grade in relation to the number of students admitted in the 11th grade. According to the authors of the ranking, “voting with feet” also indicates the level of the school and the atmosphere there.

The highest among Polish schools – in 15th place – in the ranking was Junior High School named after John Paul II in Vilnius. The 94th place was taken by the Junior High School in Pogiry, which has classes with the Polish language of instruction, but it is a trilingual junior high school.

Further Polish junior high schools are outside the top hundred. Junior high school On. Syrokomli in Vilnius took 112 place (last year in 67th place), Junior High School Jan Śniadeckiego in Soleczniki – 139. (jump from 155.).

The 145th place out of 321. climbed the Junior High School in Mickunach. In turn, the High School Adam Mickiewicz in Vilnius fell from 72th place to 153.

Next came the Junior High School Konstanty Parczewski in Niemenczyn (173 place), Junior High School Michał Baliński in Jaszunach (206 place), Junior High School in Awiżeń (212 place). Junior high school St. Rafał Kalinowski in Niemież and Junior High School Adam Mickiewicz in Dziewieniszki took respectively 217 and 218 places. The 250th position is Junior High School Ferdinand Ruszczyc in Rudomin. On the 270th place of the Junior High School Eliza Orzeszkowa in Biała Waka.

A dramatic drop was recorded by the Junior High School J. I. Kraszewski in Vilnius, falling from 38th to 277th. 295th is Junior High School in Grzegorzewo, 296th is Junior High School in Ejszyszki.

Most Polish schools were below the bottom line, taking places in the last hundred. 302. place went to the Junior High School Henryk Sienkiewicz in Landwarów, 303. – Junior high school Juliusz Słowacki in Bezdany, 308. – Junior high school Fr.. Józef Obrembski in Mejszagole, 318. – Junior high school Tadeusz Konwicki in Bujwidzi, 319. – Junior high school St. Stanisław Kostka in Podbrzezie. Next in 321 place of the Junior High School Anna Krepsztul in Butrymańce, at 322. – Junior high school St. Urszula Ledóchowska in Czarny Bór, at 326. Junior High School in Jęczmieniszki, at 329. (decline from 206) – Engineering Junior High School Joachim Lelewel in Vilnius.

  1. place is taken by the Junior High School Stanisław Moniuszko in Kowalczuki, 342. – Junior high school in Zujunach, 343. – Junior high school Stefan Batory in Ławaryszki. In 349 positions Junior High School Fr.. Ksawery Brzostowski in Turgielach, at 351. – Junior high school in Rukojnie, 352. – Junior high school St. Kazimierz in Miedniki, 354. – Junior high school Ludwik Narbutt in Koleśniki.

355th place is taken by the Junior High School Longin Komołowski in Połukń, 357th place – Junior High School St. John Bosco in Jałówce.

In addition to these not very optimistic results, nearly 10 Polish schools or schools in which teaching also takes place in Polish were on the list of weak schools of the country announced for the first time this year. It was prepared by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport as part of the Quality Basket project, according to which the above-mentioned schools will receive EU structural funds for improving quality – raising teachers’ qualifications, helping students, and material base. A basket of 354 euros was established for one student in grades 5-8 of a poor school.

The list of weak schools included, among others, Junior High School in Grzegorzewo, Junior High School Ludwik Narbutt in Koleśniki, Junior High School Jan Śniadecki in Soleczniki, Junior High School J. I. Kraszewski in Vilnius, Junior High School of Engineering J. Lelewel in Vilnius, Junior High School T. Konwicki in Bujwidzi, Junior High School St. U. Ledóchowska in Czarny Bór, Junior High School S. Moniuszki in Kowalczuki, Junior High School St. Rafał Kalinowski in Niemież.

By presenting the ranking of schools, the creators of the magazine “Reitingai” concluded that schools in Lithuania “broke the bottom and are heading down.” Statistics indicate that the mathematical knowledge of tenth grade students is below 5 points on a 10-point scale – also taking into account the achievements of elite school students.

The research also showed that expenses per one student in Lithuanian local governments differ several times – from 1 thous. Euro up to 5-7 thousand Euro per year. In this respect, the Primary School in Sużany leads the way, where it costs 7269 euros to support one student.

Translated by Patrycja Polanowska within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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