• April 22, 2019
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AWPL-ZChR received 171,000 euro state subsidies

Today (April 4), the Main Electoral Commission distributed the first state subsidies this year. Three parties more than last year received funds. In total,  2.7 million euro were awarded.

Following the change in legislation, funding also fell to the new party formed following the breakup of the Social Democratic Party – led by Gediminas Kirkilas of the Social Democratic Labour Party. The party received 249,000 euro.

Conservatives have traditionally received the most funds – 629,000 euro. The account of the Lithuanian Farmers and Greens Union will receive 520,000 euro, social democrats received 478,000 euro.

State funding was also received by AWPL-ZChR (171,000 euro), the Liberal Movement (374.000 euro), Labour Party (220,000 euro), Party Order and Justice (211,000 euro).

Money from the budget was also received by the Lithuanian Freedom Union (ALDE) Artūras Zuokas (80,000 euro) and the Lithuanian Party Center Naglisa Puteikis (64 thousand euro).

Translated by Oskar Pytka within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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