• March 3, 2019
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Aleksander Radczenko: EAPL–CFA is involved in scandals

“Yesterday a meeting was held at DKP with Waldemar Tomaszewski. According to my knowledge of the school in Vilnius, some schools, or all. I have data from several schools that they received a top-down order that a few people should attend this meeting” said Aleksander Radczenko about the meeting with Tomaszewski at DKP. Radczenko is a Social Democrat councilman in Vilnius for local government elections.

Asked if he is not surprised by the fact that people allow themselves to be “spent”, guest of the Political Salon said that they apparently depend on the local government, on the administration of schools, other institutions in which they work, so naturally that they are afraid of their work.

During the meeting at DKP, the President of EAPL-CFA commented on “the case of Michał Mackiewicz”: “It was not about large sums of money, it was several thousands. There were no such sums as you write, you calculated some interest”.

“Even if it was only 100 zlotys, it would still be a violation, it was a forgery of receipts. It doesn’t matter whether this money went into Mackiewicz’s private pocket or to Polishness, as Waldemar Tomaszewski claims. Any violations are evidence of this – the party about which Tomaszewski often said that he was not involved in any scandals – that he was involved. And there are more and more of these scandals” – said Radczenko, mentioning, among other things, the investigation into tax deductions. “All this indicates that EAPL-CFA is the same party as many others in Lithuania, so it is worth considering whether it is not time to say goodbye to this party” noted Alexander Radczenko.

Translated by Dominika Kownacka within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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