• February 27, 2019
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The Days of Kresowa Culture will be held in Bialystok

The Great Kaziuki Fair, concerts of folklore groups from Lithuania and Belarus, promotions of books on the Borderlands, popular-science symposium were included in the program of this year’s 20th Days of Kresowa Culture in Bialystok, which will start on Saturday and will last until March 19.

The event will be inaugurated on Saturday evening by a concert of groups from Grodzieńskie Słowiki from Belarus and folk dance Perła from Lithuania. The President of the Society of Friends of Grodno and Vilnius Rafał Cierniak explained that the opening concert of Kresowa Culture Days in Bialystok always includes groups known in Polish environments.

Traditionally, the main event of the party is the Kaziuki fair, referring to the traditional Vilnius fair related to the namesake of the patron saint of the Vilnius diocese, Saint. Casimir Jagiellon, which fall on March 4. In Białystok, it will be held on the square in front of the Dramatic Theater, where 140 producers from Poland, Lithuania and Belarus will present their products. There will be Vilnius Easter palms, Easter eggs and delicacies of regional cuisine.

Krystyna Sobolewska from the Vilinius and Grodno Friends Society, said that at the very beginning, the Białystok Kaziuks edition was only a few stands attracting mainly the Kresowiaks. She added that today the fair has expanded considerably, but – as she emphasized – it maintains the atmosphere of the Vilnius pattern. You can buy here, among others traditional Vilnius Easter palms that weave from 50 species of dry field, forest and garden flowers. There are also various Easter eggs and wooden products at the fair.

In the following days, among others, promotion of the book “Returning to Vilnius” by Tadeusz Tomaszewicz, who presents the fate of the old Vilnius. The Museum of the Army in Bialystok will invite you to the popular-science symposium “Kresowe historie”, during which the biographies of the Kresowiaks will be presented. Days of Culture in Kresowa will end on March 19 with the “Day of the Name of the Marshal”, that is, the celebrations on the name day of Józef Piłsudski. There will be a Holy Mass and an art competition will be decided.

The Borderlands Culture Days are organized by the Vilinius and Grodno Friends Society and the Foundation for Helping Children from Grodno. The event aims to introduce and popularize Polish culture from the area of ​​the Borderlands, artists from Lithuania and Belarus, as well as people involved in the promotion of the Borderlands in Poland are invited.

Translated by Oskar Pytka within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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