• February 26, 2019
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Karczewski and Pranckietis with satisfaction about the revival of Polish-Lithuanian relations

Senate Speaker Stanisław Karczewski met on Monday (February 25) with the chairman of the Lithuanian Parliament Viktoras Pranckietis. Both politicians agreed on the fact that Polish-Lithuanian relations have revived and improved in recent years.

“Lithuania is our close partner and ally. I would like our contacts and the accompanying atmosphere to be very good. I am convinced that this will be the case. Poland wants to deepen parliamentary cooperation, but also on cooperation in the field of infrastructure, economy, trade and security, “said the Senate Speaker.

“We are happy about the development of bilateral relations, especially since in nine years there have been so many meetings, as recently. We are considering whether it is worth joining Latvia and creating the 2 + 1 format. We have many common topics, such as the Mazeikiai refinery or trade, “said the chairman of the Lithuanian Parliament.

Current political issues were also discussed. The chairman Pranckietis point out that Lithuania is in favor of the future of a united Europe, for which there are about 60% of Lithuanians, which is a very high rate. There was discuss about brexit due to one million Poles and 240,000 Lithuanians staying in the United Kingdom. Both interlocutors spoke against hard brexit. Viktoras Pranckietis also mentioned building support for the former Prime Minister of the Lithuanian government, Andrius Kubilius, who is the country’s candidate for the new Secretary General of the Council of Europe. The issues of cooperation in several international formats were discussed, the more that Poland and Lithuania share common goals and issues. Mentioned in this regard, among others Three Seas and Bucharest B9 format. The chairman Pranckietis expressed support for Poland’s aspirations to strengthen NATO’s strength in our region of Europe.

Marshal Karczewski paid particular attention to the issue of security in cyberspace, especially the threat of interference in the forthcoming series of elections in both countries and the popularization of fake news. He proposed to organize a joint conference on cyber security in our region.

During the meeting, the possibility of joint celebrations of several upcoming anniversaries was discussed, including the accession of Poland and Lithuania to NATO and the European Union, the signing of the Polish-Lithuanian treaty and the Kościuszko Insurrection.

Translated by Oskar Pytka within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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