• December 13, 2018
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Material support for the Children’s Home in Soleczniki

The “Help for Poles in the East” Foundation, as part of the Eastern Charity Fund, provided material support for the Children’s Home in Soleczniki. The support was financed from the resources of the PGE Foundation.

“The Ambassador who visited the Children’s Home in Soleczniki and saw that there are substantial needs, asked us about this. She wondered if there was a possibility that we can help somehow “, project coordinator Katarzyna Jóźwiak informed about the cooperation with the Children’s Home.

Electronic equipment, sets of bed linen and towels were provided for the Children’s Home in Soleczniki. Currently, 51 children are under her care, 6 of them live in the so-called home. The support will be also provided for the Children’s Home in Antokol.

The Foundation also has plans for the next year. “We hope that the Eastern Charity Fund will receive support. So far, we have obtained over PLN 1.5 million from foundations that supported us. So I think that next year we will be able to help those in need,” Katarzyna Jóźwiak explained. She added that representatives of the Foundation “Help Poles in the East” would also visit Troki next week.

The Eastern Charity Fund is an instrument complementing the Foundation’s projects implemented in the field of charitable activities in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Senate of the Republic of Poland.

The Eastern Charity Fund includes donations, tax write-offs, sponsorship and marketing funds of State Treasury companies, private entities, local governments and funds from the direct support implemented as a patronage of Polish business.

Translated by Iryna Lehenka within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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