• December 7, 2018
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Will AWPL-ZCHR enter the ruling coalition? The earliest decision in spring

The Association of Peasants and the Greens does not reject the possibility of inviting AWPL-ZCHR to the ruling coalition. Tomaszewski replies that his party is no in a hurry to enter the coalition, and the decision will be made in spring at the earliest.

“Conversations about the coalition are carried out all the time. In this place we have repeatedly answered to this question. Last time probably in June. We have such proposals and we are analysing them. Although we have a lot of negative experience about working in the coalition (…) Although deadlines are not grateful, that’s why I do not think that something will move on this issue earlier this spring “- said Waldemar Tomaszewski during the press conference in the Parliament. Member of the European Parliament added that joining the coalition would depend on whether the coalition would agree to a legal solution proposed by AWPL-ZPL, i.e. child benefits of a minimum of 60 euro per month.

Tomaszewski pointed out that the state has adequate financial means to implement these projects. First of all, we need to combat the grey area, reduce management spending and “not be afraid of increasing the budget deficit”. The chairman of the AWPL-ZCHR added, that his party is not fighting for specific ministerial positions. “Today we are not in a coalition, but we support the good decisions of the coalition that our state needs. So it is quite possible that we would stay in the current situation, or we will enter the coalition after the presidential election. We will be analysing the situation. As I said: we are not in a hurry “- explained Waldemar Tomaszewski.

The leader of AWPL-ZCHR informed journalists, that the most likely date of entry into the coalition will be after the presidential election. However, if the Parliament will be in a face of a new crisis, AWPL-ZCHR may join after the municipal elections.

The municipal elections will take place in March; and the presidential election in May.

On Tuesday (December 4), Saulius Skvernelis declared, that AWPL-ZCHR had the opportunity to enter the coalition.

“Everything is possible. Currently, we have three vacancies, so everything is possible, ” told to journalists Saulius Skvernelis, who yesterday announced, that the Minister of Education Jurgita Petrauskienė, the Culture Minister of Liana Ruokytė-Jonsson and the Minister of environment Kęstutis Navickas were recalled.

Such a scenario is not rejected by the leader of the “peasants” Ramūnas Karbauskis. “We really have support from the Poles. Speaking of joining the coalition, this is to be the decision of AWPL-ZCHR. I cannot decide for them. (…) If they really want to join, we will definitely consider this proposal “- explained the party leader.

Karbauskis is only sceptical towards the Minister of Education on behalf of AWPL-ZCHR. “I think that such a decision would cause more doubts than support (…) Regarding culture, we can really converse” – added the politician.

Nowadays, the ruling coalition is formed by the Association of Peasants and the Greens and the Lithuanian Social Democratic Labour Party. AWPL-ZCHR does not classify either the coalition or the opposition. It often supports projects of “peasants” in the Parliament.

Translated by Oskar Pytka within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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