• August 21, 2017
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Olszewski turned to prosecutor’s office about destruction of plaque in Wielka Rzesza

‘National minorities in Lithuania expect actions ensuring their safety on part of leaders of the country and state institutions. That is the reason I turn to prosecutor’s office Evaldas Pašilis asking to initiate a review investigation in order to find out who has destroyed the plaque in Wielka Rzesza and held them responsible in accordance with penal code’ – wrote in statement that was published on Monday Czesław Olszewski from Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania. The plaque located at the entrance to the city was destroyed on Saturday.

‘The plaque with polish name of the village has been placed by inhabitants of it, who were authors of the idea. They ordered the plaque and used their own means’ – writes Olszewski in his statement.

‘Wielka Rzesza is a historical name of the village. It is an evidence that a plaque with a historical topographical name can be a decoration and a trademark of the village with Samogitian „Telšē“ written on it at the entrance to Telšiai city’ – adds politician.

Poles are majority in Vilnius region, Deputy reminds. About 60% – Poles, about 30% – Lithuanians. In Riešės borough 40% – Poles, 50% – Lithuanians. ‘They all create the future of our homeland’ – says Olszewski.

Such situations not only desecrate initiatives of inhabitants, but also rise ethnic conflict, what is truly unfavorable these days’ dangers and it denies fundamental values of EU’ – he says.

Marble plaque with ‘Wielka Rzesza’ on it has been destroyed on Friday night.

Jonas Banys was first who informed about the incident. He wrote on Facebook: ‘Today at night, in Wielka Rzesza, unknown vandals destroyed a marble plaque that has been placed few days ago, with polish name of the village. I, as an inhabitant of Wielka Rzesza and as a Lithuanian, would like to apologize polish friends and neighbors for such act of my, without doubts, countrymen. I feel ashamed and angry […] – wrote Banys. Jonas Banys wants to take the initiative in renovating the plaque together with other habitants.

Translated by Agnieszka Piontek within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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