According to Skvernelis, Russia makes use of Polish-Lithuanian tense relations

Photo Roman Niedźwiecki/ Saulius Skvernelis

Polish-Lithuanian relations are getting better – said Prime Minister Saulius Skvernelis, who hopes that Seimas finally solves a problem of original surname spelling.

During a meeting with lithuanian society in Puńsk, Skvernelis said that Poland is a strategy partner in field of economy, energy security and defense, and misunderstanding between two countries is comfortable only for Russia.

Prime Minister highlighted, that his government is trying to solve problems which have bad influence on relations with Warsaw. ,,It requires tough decision making, that have not been made for decades (…)

Our relations must be on a different level. It is the country who borders on Poland and Lithuania that takes advantage of these tense relations’ – said Skvernelis.

Skvernelis is happy that they managed to end a conflict between Lithuanian Railways and Orlen Lietuva. However most of the experts say that relations will not improve, if problems considering polish minority in Lithuania are not solved.

Prime Minister supports the idea of original spelling of names and surnames on the first passport page.

”Our position – On the first passport page three Latin letters (W, X, Q) which guarantee original spelling of surname for people who married foreigners and for polish minority” – said Prime Minister.

”If we think about geopolitical future of our country, we have to step back from our myths, dogmas and hang-ups. Can it be done – we will see” – he added.


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