• January 17, 2017
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Kubilius: I thought polish-lithuanian problems will solve themselves

‘I honestly thought that when whole Lithuania will be growing, strengthen economically and socially, then the problems considering retreating of the region, or some misunderstandings between ethnic groups will be solved itself. Now I see it did not work. That is why we should search for other ways’ – says deputy, ex Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius.

‘I can not tell that Seimas or Government has done something in order to improve relations with Poland. Primary period has been extended. I along with a group of deputies with similar attitude to polish-lithuanian relations as well as to national minorities – we have formed May 3 group. We have began solving small, but important matters. They do not need big investment, but could help systematizing country’s policy on national communities’ – says the politician.

Initiatives of Kubilius are, among others, instance to receive 200 thousand euro from budget to retransmission of polish TV in Vilnius Region, or granting additional points for knowing polish language when applying to the Universities. They do not get big support among deputies and among Homeland Union – Lithuanian Christian Democrats.

According to Andrius Kubilius although the country should make the instruments for Vilnius Region to develop, lithuanian politicians will never get support in this matter.

‘I ran for election in Šalčininkai District Municipality and got 5% of the votes – this is what I was expecting. I once again saw that hopes of Lithuanian parties on getting mandate in this region are naive. People identify themselves with polish ethnic group and are choosing according to this. You can do what ever you want – dress up, present yourself the way you want – they will not vote on you. But it is worth boosting democratic processes in this region, considering all circumstances (85% of citizens consider themselves as Poles). One of our aims is to lower election threshold for national minority parties. Maybe among Poles living in Lithuania are ones who could be a competition to Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania’ – says Kubilius.

Translated by Agnieszka Piontek within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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