• December 28, 2016
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Ludkowski: the maintenance of Polish House costs 800 thousand per year

“During past 15 years of the activity it was managed to stabilize the financial situation of House of Polish Culture, we are a self-funded institution which is very important. Costs of maintenance amount to 800 thousand euro, when in December we received just a meagre subsidy of 30 thousand zlotych from the “Polish Community” Association, for which we are grateful. It is visible however, that the significant amount of money we have to outwork ourselves”- says Artur Ludkowski, president of House of Polish Culture in Vilnius, also councillor of Vilnius city.

“We are satisfied that the Polish House exists and works because earlier there were lots of objection about building this kind of facility. Also, what makes us glad is the fact that our environment is changing- before there were many doubts depending the fact that the Polish House is being built in habitable and industrial district, and now Nowe Miasto is a district with perspectives, where new apartment buildings emerge, also office blocks, the localisation becomes attractive”- adds Ludkowski.

In an interview with Artur Ludkowski- about the budget of Vilnius city for the next year, Giedymin Mountain’s sliding, and ways for attracting people to cultural events of Polish House.

Translated by Agnieszka Bladowska within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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