• October 4, 2016
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Vilnius and Salcininkai regions honoured with prizes “Auksinė krivūlė”

The councils of Vilnius and Salcininkai regions were laureates of the traditional prizes “Auksinė krivūlė” awarded by the Lithuanian Councils Association. The ceremony of awarding the prizes was held on Friday, September 30. The Mayor of Vilnius region council  Maria Rekść received the prize awarded to the council for fortunate use of founds of the Special Program on Climate Change for a device of geometric radiation in public facilities buildings in Vilnius region, especially in schools. The Mayor of Salcininkai region Zdzisław Palewicz received awarded to a council prize in a category: “For an efficient activity in the field of improving health services infrastructure”.

In a new heating season as many as 6 institutions in Vilnius region will pay less for heating thanks to well used founds from the Lithuanian Found of Environmental Investments. There are more public facilities buildings in region with geometric radiation founded by the different founds and programs. There are, among others, social care institutions, versatile centres. Within the modernization and renovation of the buildings the council of Vilnius region installs geometric radiation, because it is one of the best way to limit costs both of heating and preservation of the surrounding environment.

It is worthy to emphasize that it is not a first prize of “Auksinė krivūlė” awarded to the council of Vilnius region. In the previous years the council was honoured for an extraordinary social care over people who need help and care the most and for an active development of a chain of institutions which handle with serving social services.

Honoured for an effective activity in terms of improving the infrastructure of health services the council of Soleczniki region can deservedly take pride in preserving a chain of health care institutions. In a region prosper: a hospital and a health centre in Salcininkai a health centre in Ejszyszki, in which was opened a care department, out-patients’ departments in BiałaWaca, Dziewieniszki, Turgiele, Jaszuny, Koleśniki, nurses’ surgeries in Okmianka, Bowsze, Butrymańce, Czużekampie, Gierwiszka, Janczuny, Małe Soleczniki, Poszki, Zawiszańce, Purwiany, Dajnów, Tietiańce, Podbórz.

In recent years the council of Salcininkai region has exploited investments worthy a few millions from the European Union, the Ministry of Health and the council’s budget in order to improve institutions of medical care. Lately the buildings of hospital and medical care in Salcininkai have been redecorated, moreover the infrastructure of hospital’s surrounding has been cleaned, also medical equipment have been bought and there are still new investments in rooms redecoration.

„I think that, it is an objective and deserved evaluation, because all the time, all together – representatives of the authority, managers and employees of institutions – we try to preserve an existing infrastructure. This is a success of all of us. We were appreciated and honoured at the state level” – said, receiving a prize, the Mayor of Salcininkai region Zdzisław Palewicz and expressed the words of thankfulness to the Director of hospital in Soleczniki Zbigniew Siemienowicz, the Director of health care in Salcininkai Maima Ślżewska and the Director of health care in Ejszyszki Mirosław Duchniewicz.

In a previous year, during the ceremony of honouring the best councils in the country, the Mayor of Salcininkai region Zdzisław Palewicz was awarded a diploma of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania “For a long-term consistent effort for preserving a significant historical and cultural heritage of Lithuana”.

Based on: vrsa.lt, salcininkai.lt

Translated by Aneta Banacka within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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