• August 2, 2016
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Tomaševski Resigning from Running for the Parliament?

According to unverified information, the leader of the Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania – Christian Families Alliance Valdemar Tomaševski is going to resign from participation in the election to the Lithuanian Seimas, which will be taking place in October. Rita Tamašunienė’s name would then at the first position on the list reportedly. The party has announced that an official statement on this matter will be made soon.

Some unverified information says that the decision about his resignation from participation in the election was announced by Valdemar Tomaševski at today’s conference of the AWPL-ZChR board and presidents of district branches. The chairman himself has not commented on the information so far.

“Please, call tomorrow,” responded Tomaševski to the question of zw.lt about his running for the parliament.

Jaroslav Narkevič, Deputy Chairman of the Seimas of Lithuania, did not confirm the information either.

 “Soon an official statement will be released, and then we’ll be able to say something,” said Narkevič.

At the press conference of 9th May, Valdemar Tomaševski declared that he would run for the parliament in the autumn election. Winning the election would be tantamount to resigning from the function of a member of the European parliament. At the party conference of 9th July, in turn, it was decided that Tomaševski’s name would be at the first position of the AWPL-ZChR electoral list.

Translated by Karolina Katarzyńska within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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