• July 3, 2016
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High-school examination from Polish language will earn you additional points

People who have passed an additional exam from their first language will receive extra points in their university applications.

This is an idea of Józef Kwiatkowski, chief of School Matrix. Few months earlier, a similar proposal has been sent to the Ministry of Education by the Polish Discussion Society.

„We propose introducing certain facilitations for those students, who passed their first language final exam (…) We want people to do just this – to sustain their first language as their mother tongue“ – Józef Kwiatkowski explained to the Baltic News Service.

In March of the current year, Polish Discussion Society has addressed the Lithuanian government, the Ministry of Education and the Department for National Minorities with a similar initiative. PDS proposed reinstating an obligatory Polish language final exam and awarding those who passed it with additional points in the process of applying for studying in Lithuanian universities.

Polish language final exam is not obligatory, however it is still written by over 90% of students from Polish schools.

Translated by Jan Moryń within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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