Department of National Minorities Announces Contest for Students

Fot. Bożena Mieżonis

The Department of National Minorities, functioning within the Lithuanian government, is going to fund three prizes for authors of the best BA, MA, and PhD theses whose subject matters will concern national minorities.

The Department informed that in this way it wants to motivate students to get interested in the topic of national minorities.

Those who can participate in the contest are students of Lithuanian and foreign schools who in the following academic year will defend their diploma theses bringing up issues regarding national minorities in Lithuania.

The Department of National Minorities was established in 2015. Its head is Vida Montvydaitė.

Up to 2010 the Department had functioned within the government, but then it was closed down by the liberal-conservative coalition.  From 2010 on issues concerning national minorities were addressed by the Ministry of Culture.


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