• December 23, 2015
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500zl for Polish students in Lithuania.

Jan Dziedziczak, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, announced the information about Christmas present for kids in Polish schools in Lithuania. From 1 September 2016 every 1st and 12th grade student of Polish primary school will be getting 500zl. The matters of Polish schools in Lithuania will be held by the Parliament – a permanent subcommittee of Polish minorities in Lithuania has been set up.
”What is happening with Polish education in Lithuania worries the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Polish government – said the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs during a press conference  – We want to help our compatriots who are loyal citizens of Lithuania and want to develop their mother tongue, want to speak Polish, learn in Polish, get to know Polish history and geography. These funds will help them”.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs wanting to meet the needs of our compatriots in Lithuania, starts the campaign of financial help for every 1st and 12th grade Polish student – explained Michał Dworczyk, Chairman of the Parliamentary Commission for Liaison with Poles Abroad – We want every child that attends a Polish school to receive help from Poland in a form of 500zl”.

During the conference Michał Dworczyk informed that the Commission for Liaison with Poles Abroad, approved a desideratum, in which deputies call to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the intensification of the conversations with Lithuanian party regarding Polish minority, and undertaking unilateral actions to support Polish education in Lthuania. At the request of the Commission, a subcommittee of Polish minority in Lithuania has been created in Parliament.

Jan Dziedziczak emphasized the fact that Poland is still waiting for the implementation of 1994 treaty between Poland and Lithuania, and the Council of Europe’s demands. Deputy Minister also highlighted the importance of creating the subcommittee of Polish minority in Lithuania. ”This case, which we appreciate, shows how much the majority of Polish Parliament cares to solve the issue of Poles in Lithuania on the European level, implemented in other EU countries – he said”.

Based on: videosejm.pl, wpolityce.pl

Translated by Karolina Jarmużewska within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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